Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Mubarak

Hmmm... That sounded awkward.


Aurous said...

that's funny as well as awkward :)

Extinct Dodo said...

saddam mubarak?!?!?!

what do you say to that... i3damik sa3eeda?

lol kil 3am wint b5air :P

Hussain said...

thank god he's gone!

the awkward thing is that Libya has announced today three days of mourning!

Anyway, kel 3am oo ento b5air!

Yazeed said...


ayamik sa3eed

kil 3am winta ib khair

and hussain, r u serious, libya 3 days or mourning! i shouldnt be suprised, but I am. Can you even mourn a person who was sentenced to death?
is there a 9alat al mayit for him too? :S

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Now, he is in the garbage of history," said Jawad Abdul-Aziz

Happy Eid to you Too


Anonymous said...

Lebanon has announced 3 days mourning!!!!!!!!- welcome to beyrouth!!!!

EniGma said...

moutat chalb as my grandma would say :P

3edek embarak ;)

Will said...

Heeeyyy you made him my uncle! =|

But I know that's not what you mean =P

Ayamek sa3eeda :]

Hussain said...

Lebanon too!?!?!?!

that's why allah m9ale6 3lena israel tra!

thanks LORD! for giving me persian roots! that's something i will be proud of now! :)

Me7sin said...

ham ana a7ibkum

Me7sin said...

ham ana a7ibkum

Elijah said...

My opinion on this is what i put in one of the 100 things about me.

Anyway Kul 3am wenta b5air.

Honey™ said...

hehe ,,
i think that he was the best 5aroof 3eed ever !!

Finally that Sucker is DEAD !!

The Criticizer said...


lol! wintay eb5air, or should I say wi3damich sa3eeda! xD

Ay shay libya! Wint eb5air.

Wint eb5air.

lol! thnx. ;P

AY SHAY!!!!!!

lol!! As well as my mom says! ;P
Ayamich sa3eeda.

Your uncle name's Saddam? :/
He should've changed his name.
Winty eb5air.

lol! Toggle your Shuffle button. :P

Don't remember what's on your 100 list regarding this subject. *goes to check*
Winty eb5air.

Indeeeeeeeed! ;P

Will said...

Loool heck no, my grandfather's name is Mubarak...

Elijah said...

I'll save u the hassle. I don't believe what's on TV so I'm not sure it's him.

The Criticizer said...

LOL! My bad. ;P

Neither do I but there's no way to prove otherwise. And if what I see on TV or read in newspapers makes me feel better then I have no problem with it.

sweetd said...


dilli o milli said...

Great 3eeediyaaaa !!!
3eedik Embarak
HaPpY NeW YeaR

The Criticizer said...

What's so scary about it?

Ayamich sa3eeda.
Have a great one! ;)

sweetd said...

the pic seeing his face and realising hes a worlds nightmare that gone forever!

sweetd said...

i dont like seeing dead people werids me out

The Criticizer said...

We see pictures of dead people everywhere, I don't see what's so ?scary? about it. :/