Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Gaucho Grill

Imagine with me... The Gaucho Grill, Palms Club & Spa, dinner on candle lights, a group of civilized people all around you, comfy seats and great service. That is what I had imagined until I saw it myself. If you ever had to go there don't expect too much because that restaurant stands strongly on its overworked environment. The service is too slow, we got a couple of wrong dishes, and worst of all, their steaks were cold!

If it's about their food quality then it is high. The waiter brought out a small tray with every kind of steak they offer and he started to explain the differences between each and every piece. I ordered Bife Caudril which is 300gm of pure beef (no fat), medium-well and pepper sauce, while all my friends went for the extra fat beef (don't remember its name). The food was already cold when delivered and they made it even worse by giving us the wrong order so we had to wait for the other dishes to be delivered. It took around 20 minutes to get the starters, 45 minutes to deliver our main course, and another 15 minutes to get the rest of the order.

Now put all this aside and don't get struck like we did when we saw the check. Let's just say we could've had 10,000 falafil/potato sandwiches, 200 family coke bottles, and still saved some cash! We were 6 people btw.

Money was not an issue but I couldn't stop thinking of THIS. I felt ashamed for paying KD20+ on a cold poor meal while there are people out there who don't have anything to eat. I could've had given some of the money to charity and still have a warm fresh happy meal from McDonald's that would make me graceful. After all, everything will be flushed down the toilet.


Elijah said...

*writes in her diary*

Don't go to Gaucho Grill :P

I sometimes feel that most people go to these places just for the sake of the name and prestigue. I tried lots of places and I think I only liked one or two places: Tumbleweed whose prices are reasonable and Bredz in Sharq mall.

I prefer falafil sandwiches from Kal7a to all these restaurants.

As for the link to my post, I'm ashamed to say I didn't go that day, cuz we were waiting for an email from them about the time and venue but they didn't reply, but there are a lot of other 'Lijan Zakaa' in Kuwait that you can donate to whenever u can even if it's just 5 KD or old clothes.

Eat, enjoy ur time but help whenever u can, that's what I believe in.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

what i'd give for some juicy steak right now ....

7adii yo3anah :/

Purgatory said...

Our steaks tasted wonderful, and we got everything on time and no wrong orders :P

Tip, never go at a time when its very crowded, go earlier.

dilli o milli said...

Well...First :-
أنا مو أسد
Second :-
I'm almost Vegetarian "still did not flash all my body from MEAT"! On my way to Veg.World

The Criticizer said...

Eating in a "so-called" luxury restaurant is a lifetime experience no one should afford to pass, but when the food and service sucks in that restaurant there's no one else to blame but yourself. That's what happened to me out there. :/

I ate better steaks at Chili's and even Palm Palace (Qa9r al na5eel), however people don't like normal rests. and they keep praising fads.

Allah ya36eech. lol! ;P

You're right so I'll take your words for granted and give them another chance. I'll make sure to choose a less crowded day and time. I might as well take a loan.

HAH! And I thought you're the type of "Michabees or Nothing"! lol! j/k ;P
How come you're becoming a vegetarian regardless of the benefits of meat? You know your body needs a mixture of both animal and vegetable proteins to be healthy!

Me7sin said...

best steak in kuwait

ritz fillet steakl medium to well done


moocherx said...

GG sucks. I went there with some south americans, and they just laughed - especially at the prices. And the guy with the meat on a tray... did you notice how he fingered the beef - raw - which I didn't think was particularly hygenic in this day and age.

The Criticizer said...

Yabeeeeela. ;P

Glad someone else agrees.
The guy didn't finger the meat but he flipped one of the them for us to see the fat. :/

Anonymous said...

Gaucho Grill the best steak in town. Glad to know that such a place exists. Great service. Price still needs to be made resonable for side dishes.