Monday, December 25, 2006


*no comment*


Elijah said...

yeee my cousin is coming this weekend and we're supposed to go camping :( She's gonna kill me when she finds out it's this cold.

Extinct Dodo said...


Will said...

Yaay wanasaaaa!
Call me weird but I love cold weather.

EniGma said...

I hate cold weather!

The Criticizer said...

I don't think that would be a problem cuz I presume this is nothing compared to the cold in Jordan, right? :/

*brrrr* x2

If that makes you weird then consider me eccentric for the same reason. ;P

-1 for you. :P

Elijah said...

You're right, but she's coming from Qatar :/ it's a lot warmer than Kuwait :(

Me7sin said...


*packs his gear and gets ready for a freezin' good time at mu5ayam*

EniGma said...

hehe laishhhh

The Criticizer said...

Too bad for her, she's probably gonna get ill the first day she arrives. :/

LOL! 7adda perfect weather for mu5ayam. *craves sheesha*

You tell me! Cold as 4c or hot as 60c ?? Our cold weather is much merciful than when it's hot. :/

EniGma said...

I'd rather have 60C. Ahhh 7arrrr 9ej bas at least I'm not buried under layers of clothes clothes! la oo sar shorts shay 3ady 7agna hehehe so short, tshirt oo sandals iffff ra7a! I HATE jackets, yekh!

The Criticizer said...

Shorts shay 3adi? Since when?! :/

Anyways, I cannot force you to love winter but I can assure you that you won't get rid of it each and every year so bear with it. ;P