Friday, December 15, 2006

DivX 6.6 ++

A few weeks ago I have received an email from Steven Chien, DivX Inc. posse, thanking me for blogging about DivX, and had given me two serials for DivX Pro.

Personally, I should be the one thanking Steven and DivX team for such an outstanding application. Good luck to you guys and keep up the great work on bringing the best out of DivX.

Download DivX 6.6 for Mac: [link]

Also, my Mac Starters Guide post has been updated with Dashboard Widgets section. If you're a Mac user make sure to check it out.


moocherx said...

What's this "mac" you're talking about?

Yazeed said...

can i get a serial number (A)
promise to upload more munich goals

The Criticizer said...

Is that a tricky question? :/
Mac = Macintosh.

Heh! To be honest I tried both serials but they didn't work. Besides, they're for Mac version of DivX. Get rid of your Windows XScheiße. :P