Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blazin' It

The Evil Forces have stricken once again with their blatant despotism, obvious authoritarianism, over tyranny, unashamed mind-totalitarianism, shameless autocracy, oppressive thoughts, and cruel methods of repression by impelling me to post a non-Mac-related topic, yet again.


My car is fixed, it had a broken gear and worn-out clutches. Yesterday I took it out at 4pm. Although yesterday wasn't the perfect day to wash any car, I headed directly to the car wash because it was greasy from the outside and utterly filthy from the inside.

It runs smooth but there's a knock when shifting from 1st to 2nd. The mechanic told me not to worry since it will get back to normal once the transmission warms up a bit.

$$$: 220 KD + 3 months warranty.

I'm glad I got rid of the Mercedes-Pig. I know I wouldn't want to be caught dead in a junky car like that. :/


Hope the Evil Forces are satisfied now. :P


elijah said...

Aaaahhaaahaahaa *that's supposed to be an evil laugh*

The prey succumbs to the forces of evil. :)

Mabrooooooooook!!! and why aren't you at work??!!!

EniGma said...

nayahahahahahaaa ;p

mabrook 3ala ur car. deer balik 3alaiha more. and the mercedes,, at least its not white!

The Criticizer said...

The devil aka elijah:
All my next posts will be Mac-related. :P

Thank you. Students are having exams, I finish at 10.

Co-devil aka enigma:
Thanks. Will do.
Why? What makes white so special? ;P

Elijah said...

me? devil? :'(

*tearful puppy eyes*

The Criticizer said...

Ok ok. Bad angel. ;P