Monday, January 08, 2007


* My car repairing fees are approx. 250KD.
= There goes the LCD down payment.

* Been driving a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 200E and seems like everybody wants to run me off the road.
= Foreigners of Arabian nationalities, I feel you.

* My MAXTOR OneTouch ext. hard drive makes noises, it's still under warranty but I can't find its invoice --> Found it.
= "Better Safe Than Sorry"

* My Mac Starters Guide post has been updated. (PodTube)
= Perfectionism at its best.


Elijah said...

How long have I slept?? :/

3 posts this morning :P

Sorry bout your car, but where did u find that 1990 Mercedes? :P

Hmmm so not so organized afterall :) I've been b!tch!ng to evryone at work cuz I assumed someone lost a book I needed, Guess where I found it?? At home :)

Mac again aaargh ;P

Yazeed said...

sleeping in on a working day
= priceless

Anonymous said...


BLaSha said...

Poor you!!

The Criticizer said...

Yeah I've been the mood for posting. ;P

Long story short, the car belongs to my elder bro who's currently studying in Egypt. He bought it from my aunt to use it there but he hasn't shipped it yet so I got to use it till my car comes out.

I guess that's the only spot where I loose in being a perfectionist; documentation isn't my thing. But I'm sure I'll find it soon, better be soon that is. :/

Mac Mac Mac Mac.... etc.
*keeps whining over your head* :P

Indeeeeeeeeed. I never done that but I wish I do. :P

You and your tags. :/

I know. :'(

EniGma said...

lol! tagged by me 2 :P

see i told u that u can borrow my car. so what will it be, mamdoo7 in the mercedes or raju?

The Criticizer said...

Well it all depends, if your car is better than that Benz (I bet it is) then I would definitely prefer to be Raju. :P

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

= Foreigners of Arabian nationalities, I feel you.

wasssup with that? what about others?

The Criticizer said...

lol! Well since most people driving that precise model of benz, the '90 200E (aka the pig "5anzeera"), are mostly Egyptians I get knocked off the road quite often by reckless drivers thinking I'm Egyptian. They think it's fine to bully non-Q80 drivers. I know it because I swear if I was driving a 7-series beamer or CLS no one would try to come near me.