Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Call it BSMS (Blog Short Message Service):-

Bader Al-Motawa: Fate has brought you to the wrong era. Thank you for your effort.

Ya'goub Al-Taher: I will always have respect for you. Hard luck.

Hussain Al-Mosawi: Good performance overall but you still have to improve yourself. Good luck.

Nawaf Al-Khaldi: Indecisive performance but I'm willing to keep believing in you.

Fahad Al-Fahad: It's about time you score. Come again? Your third international goal? Yeah, nice. What a striker.

Nawaf Al-Mutairi: Screw your attitude and "F" whoever considers you a football player. You F-ing disgust me.

Jarrah Al-Ateji: Your long plays and crosses suck, get over it and quit.

Fahad Awath: Giggs envy you. "F" NOT.

Waleed Ali: Get a grip, jerboa.

Mohammed Jraq: I don't know what's wrong with you. One minute you impress, the other you distress.

Mosaed Nada: Back to the sewer.

Hamad Al-Tayar: You're so slow, it takes you a light year to take action.

Fahad Al-Reshidi: You're good, but not good enough.

Ahmed Eedan: Simply, you suck!

Ahmed Al-Yousef: Till when?

And to all the rest, you're a disgrace to Kuwaiti football.


coolfreak said...

7ailik feehom,
kheth`hom la7am redhom 3atham.

Anonymous said...

3abalee ur title Badleya ;P LOL

Hussain said...

ya3goob el6aheer 7ag ... ma ynfa3!

yesterday, Fahad Al-Fahad was in a great form. kan mestathbe7.

Elijah said...

I quit smoking today, so imagine my mood and temper!

Done imagining?...


I don't know any of these players but ya 7aram 3ajabt 3alaihom enta haha. I thought that Nawaf Al-Mutairi guy is kinda cute ;)

Well that's what girls look at when watching sports xD

moocherx said...

elijah: I've always wondered what women were doing at football games... Now we know! I heard some interview from a woman in the US that lots of women thing Beckham's hot and so will watch the NSL. Maybe he's worth $50m a year after all?!

Elijah said...

mooch: First we're attracted by the looks, then we get interested in the way they play. And if a handsome guy sucks we DO NOT ADMIT IT. We'll come up with millions of excuses for him ;)

Mitsuki said...

mmmmmmmmmm ... I would say that they played well both the Emiraties and Kuwaities last night game was a blast :) I enjoyed it so much ... Dont be hard on the Kuwaities I know they are expected to perfom better cause el 2zrag is known for there achievements but its not always the same .. They played better than the previous games this goes to both teams ..

Hard Luck!

The Criticizer said...


It should be read, A - Z A Y G I G.
emkarram elly yegra 6ab3an.

Walla ya bo3li ya3goob el 6aher ma3ana mo mostawa bas hatha a7san modafi3 3indik eb hal jeel fa ham hatha shay yeshfa3la.
o0 fahad el fahad mestathbi7 bas 3omra sawwa shay? Nope. :/

Come again?! Al-Mutairi cute?
My I recommend an optician for you?!
He looks sooooo "3gaidi". :/

It makes sense. Don't we, men, fall for hot women athletes? Sharapova!!!

The game was classy, no doubt, and I don't have any problem they lost but Kuwait's performance had been going backwards for quite a while now whereas the rest of the teams are improving very well. Hence that's not promising, We'll be humiliated even more if that doesn't come to an end.

Thank you and good luck!

ps: I really envy you guys for the performance of your team, especially Ismael Matar. Mashallah.

Nonaw said...

ROFLMAO@ Azaygig!


Anonymous said...

Till when? <<< ya3ni "lai mita" ??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL xP

The Criticizer said...

Tell me otherwise if you can, that team is full of sh!t.

Till when (Informal)