Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tagged, again and again...

Tagged by fayoora & enigma

Things that make me happy:

  • My car.
    ( can't wait to fix the transmission )

  • My Mac.

  • Watching German national team & Bayern Munich matches, best when they win.

  • Being able to eat what I want without getting fat.

  • Getting compliments about my height.

  • My nephews & best of all my niece.

  • Scoring after a long sprint in football.

  • Completing a vector/vexel.

  • Hanging out with friends.

  • Figuring out how to operate/fix something on my own.

  • Shooting rats.

  • Cloudy skies.

  • That's all I can think of at the moment.

    I tag elijah. This makes them 4, right? Cuz I lost count. :P


    Missy said...

    I took this thingie too! :p

    Joud said...

    funny, we have almost 0 in common !

    EniGma said...

    "Being able to eat what I want without getting fat."

    Me too :) Its wonderful. and everyone's jealous lol

    "Getting compliments about my height."

    Yeah that's always fun! el q8yeen aqzam hehe

    "Figuring out how to operate/fix something on my own."


    "Cloudy skies"

    yesterday i took a pic!

    Elijah said...

    That's it! I'm boycotting your blog!

    Yes 4!

    Can I just say me too, me too, me too, to you and enigma?? ;P

    Anonymous said...

    -Being able to eat what I want without getting fat.

    ?? I Thought u hated that ;P

    -Getting compliments about my height.

    Ditto. hahahah ;P

    The Criticizer said...

    *goes to check*

    That makes each of us unique, doesn't it? ;P

    Well, aren't you Qazma? :P
    Where's the pic?

    LOL! NO you can't, go post your own list. :P

    The Criticizer said...

    I hated it when I had to do my best to gain some weight for bodybuilding @ the gym, and when I did gain 8kg of pure muscles I injured my wrists and had to quit. But now it's all good now. ;P

    EniGma said...

    qazma? me? emmm, no :P

    The Criticizer said...

    Haha! Got ya! xD