Monday, April 02, 2007

Suicidal Expats

Driving in Kuwait might get you killed. Crossing the highway on feet while rolling tractor tire will definitely send your soul, your tire, and even your rotten guts to hell.

Today I encountered the weirdest, most stupid pedestrian there ever is in the whole world. If you drive through 6th ring road past Kheitan on rush hours you'll instantly know what kind of people I'm talking about.

Imagine driving at 100km/h trying to get out of road rage, yawning and thinking how a long day this will be and how many hours you'll have to spend at work before you're able to get back to sleep when the last thing you notice is a guy (pakistani?) passing in front of you rolling his 50+kg tractor tire to reach the other side of the road! You slam on the brakes with eyes crossed, one on the rear mirror to see the car behind you if it's going to kiss your car's @$$ and the other on that halfwitted @-hole in front of you. Struggling to control the car you hardly keep it balanced and manage to stop just in time before you run over the b@stard, amazingly avoiding a whole road rampage. People start horning so you get yourself together and drive away cursing the sh!t out of him.

What the hell were you thinking?! Are you invincible?! There's a F-ing bridge right next to you, you b@stard! Oh no, I forgot, the tire is too heavy to be taken up the bridge. @#$% you! Next time I'll make sure I run over you.

I'm quite definite if that ignorant mofo encountered a female driver he would have become a nice road rug.


Ms Loala said...

Couldn't you take his picture? ;p
Ok, now this thing has crossed the limits, it's not like the first time east-asians get hit and pumped into in the streets and still, they fill the streets in large quantities! =\
Do you blame them? those people never had nor saw any streets in their countries so they might as well think that streets are pathways =\
I'm sorry for being prejudice but i can't help it, it's becoming more like a stereotype.

Kinan said...

*laughing himself out of contortion*

I can only imagine your reaction and bewilderment during those long seconds while it happened.. And I really don't envy you. These people are simply retarded and would do all sorts of stupid things (even those of them who drive).

Take it easy, and the next time some bastard does something even remotely similar just run his a$$ over! :P

sweetd said...

:P makeeeen :P hhe i bet that woke u up!!

Anonymous said...

I started to think that you really need anger management sessions; i'll make sure that i'll get two appointments for you and Kinan :)

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

mate...idiots...plain idiots...mate! they exist!(for some reason)

Elijah said...

I was totally sympathetic with you until I got to the last 2 lines :X

But to be fair I always curse women drivers too lol

Is that on the way to Farwaniya, I always know I'm there when I see men running across the highway, they're insane man.

Leftie... said...

i wanna comment on the femaLe crushing that fofo: awaLan shako, Laish bas femaLes ok SOME of them suck o 7ata aLmaes 3ad mn zeeen swagat'hom ;p kLaaaa 7asbaLhom inaa ohma soweeega !!!

KJ said...

You should have been born a woman and run over him. It is more satisfying to be a woman :P You are expected to run over people.

Hamza said...

did it ever occur to you that he wants you to run him over so that he can sue you for medical care? :P

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Unfortunately no, that's a moment where cellphone cam comes in handy but my phone doesn't have a cam. :/

You're right about them. Let them keep pulling that sh!t if their life isn't so precious.

Heh, you have no idea, I almost crapped my pants! I was like this!

Will do. :P

Woke me up? Heh, it gave me a heart stroke! :P

I do? Blame it on the freakin' 3agad brats. xD

Long time no c, bro! :D

Yes, unfortunately.

lol! Women drivers are either the F1 type or they grandma type, there's nothing in between. xD

Yep, exactly right before Farwaniya.

Yes, females are the worst when it comes to dealing with such situations, they're not rational in driving matters. I bet if a woman driver was in my shoes that day she would have accelerated instead of breaking or maybe lost her grip on the wheel and closed her eyes.

You know we're better drivers. Deal with it. :P

Uhhhh, no thanks! TGIM!!!! :D

No, thank god it didn't turn out that way otherwise I would have had to go through all that fuss. Besides, he looked too stupid to think that way. :P

Kinan said...

lmao @ pic xD

Anyway, next time he'd be the one almost crapping his pants. (Not that I want you to face this sh!t again :p )

Leftie... said...

i won't deaL with it, cuz i am a good driver ;D o mara7 atnazaL.... ;p

The Criticizer said...

I sure hope so. ;P

lol! Then be it, you're on in a million, most probably one of the F1 type. :P

Swair. said...

looool.. ur use of the sign "@" is amazing :p

7ata bastard feeh @ LOL

and what's her doing with a tyre anyway? beghayer banchar?

Swair. said...

holy crap, shino HER?! i meant "what's HE going..."

The Criticizer said...

LOL! .. that's ok. ;P

I don't use proper text for cussing. Therefore you see @ - ! - $ .. etc.

I have no idea and I don't care. He better pray I wasn't able to park and kick his @$$.