Thursday, April 19, 2007

TubeSock 2.0

Looking for a way to download YouTube movies on your Mac the best way possible? TubeSock is by far the best application for that job. Now with version 2.0 you can preview the file, queue videos for conversion, and import the videos optimized for certain devices.


BB said...

thats pretty interesting, on the other hand there is another way i found out the other day.

you have to have firefox, and then there is this plugin where you can get to download the video you see and convert it to mpeg.

i`ll hook you up with some details if you like.

Anonymous said...

Podtube . Meoow

The Criticizer said...

Yeah I heard about it but I haven't got the chance to try it. Enlighten me, please.

That's rusty. :P

Me7sin said...

have to purchase, baah

podtube has been trusty with me ;P bas now its no longer free =/

and i dont trust these sites with my credit details, how else can i pay?

Anonymous said...

how neat
i'd love to know how you are using it though
i mean are just using it to download videos from youtube ?

MishMisha said...

i have that.. it's pretty amazing! my iPod is full with youtube videos :D

The Criticizer said...

You don't have to pay *cough*. :/

Yeah, it's specified for youtube only. Just put up the link and save to whichever video format you want.

kewl. ;)

Elijah said...


*rolls eyes at mac*


The Criticizer said...

*pokes elijah's eyes*

*calls out Kinan*

She fell off and hurt her eyes! :(

Elijah said...


you devil :P