Thursday, April 26, 2007

Enemies of Success

Here's a glitch of what has been happening to me at work...

A few days ago I found out that I've been tricked by my school administration to prevent me from filing a transfer. Since I'm new in the job I didn't know that transfer requests cannot be filed after March; they close the system and no further transfer requests can be submitted after March 31.

Why did they do that? Because they already don't have enough PE teachers and if I leave I'll make it even worse on them to find a replacement. They don't want to go through all the hassle of filing applications to find and bring other teachers to take my place because simply no one would accept working in that sh!t hole (aka Jeleeb Alsheyokh) thus blocking my transfer was their best shot.

The excuse they gave me is that I'm a good teacher they cannot afford to miss and as long as I'm working in their school my annual assessment will always be "Excellent" and if I chose to leave I might not find a good administration that would give me high evaluation as they do. I told them if I'm a good teacher it won't be hard for me to enforce myself on the new admin therefore they will be obligated to give me high evaluation. Yet they kept on deceiving to convince me.

I made a few calls and reached out to someone who helped me in filing my transfer through paper work, not computer system, and I handed it myself today. I know I'm still eligible of being transfered out of this grave yard but this method, the "manual" way, is less effective and consequently having less chances of getting transfered though it sure won't stop here if I don't.


Kinan said...

The Infidels!!!

Yalla man hopefully it will work out fine.

Keep us up to date :)

KJ said...

Good luck dude.. a chance is still a chance no matter how small it is :)

Hamza said...

in case it didn't work out, there are 3 things I suggest doing:

1- Ask for a'd be better if it'll be impossible for them to meet
2- Start slobbing around, bully those students who bully others, do what it takes to make them hate you..act a bit mean ;)

3- try to track down some of those retired football, basketball, or any sports players who are losers in their after sports life..try convincing them to take ur place :D.

Fayoora said...

We3 Idiots!
Sue them.

Kinan said...

I second fayoora


SamBooSa said...

wai3 shfeehom hathail?? burn the skool down!

Amola said...

well good luck .. and i guess that you go for hamza's #2 it's more effictive LOL..
kel elschools in kuwait have problems not only urs beleive me .. the are 2 rats in mine who keep telling elna`6rah stuff to hate hate just for nothing .. even though am always helping them and do stuff am not supposed to .
anyway keep praying ^.^

Hussain said...

yah yah yah "excellent teacher" ;P

LOL! allah yfokek menhom inshallah

EniGma said...

sij 7ameer!! Good luck with ur transfer

Cixousian Panic said...

:s eee don't let them do that! I'm glad you tried the other route, even though its not for sure..

good luck man :) hope you get you want.

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend, I left Kuwait 20 years ago because of shit like that. I was one of the few Kuwaiti IT's at that time. Any way, make sure that you have hard copies of any kind of paper work you file. This way you can persue any legal action if you have to.

Ge0 said...

fully aware of the sh*t u r talking about. anyhow, good luck.

Ms Loala said...

Burn out the department and write "la lel tadrees" xp
jk mac, i really don't know what to say but work harder. Any was6a would come in handy so good luck.

Laialy_q8 said...

khair inshalla
Allah ewafgik

adorra said...

wth? If you don't get to transfer for next fall can you still transfer for spring? Or is it just an annual thing?

eshda3wa said...

ola beljeleeeeeb!!

weeeeeeeeh kelyoom et9abe7 3ala ewyooh wadra!

allah y3eenik wnshallah ull get transfered before you know it

BB said...

they sweet talked u into it ;P

still, cruel.

Elijah said...

I thought I commented here :/

There's always something good in the way things turn out, even if you don't like it now.

Good luck hun :)

moocherx said...

can't you just leave the state system and go private? if you're a PE teacher, you could start up some "Fat Fighter" clinic for all the local fatties - you'd make a fortune!

NoNoWa said...

In Jleeb- wa3! How can u handle it?
Hope u get a transfer soon- keep trying. Dont let em screw u around...

NoNoWa said...

You cud always slap someone!! Then they might get rid of ya! Hey just an idea.
And by the way I am a nursery teacher!! I answered u back on my blog but I thought this wud make it faster :)

Intlxpatr said...

It's hard to have respect for administrators who manipulate like that. It's like doing time in a prison, and then being told you're so good, you have to do more time. Sure glad you didn' t just accept it and that you're continuing to try. Keep trying until you get what you want!

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. Inshallah will keep you guys up to date.
& LOL @ Infidels! xD

True. Thanks.

Well you think it's that simple but unfortunately it isn't. But thanks for the tips anyways. ;)

fayoora & samboosa:
I wish I could. x2 :(

Yeah I know it's hard to find the perfect school but I just want OUT of this crap hole! Hamza's 2nd method had been initiated since the first week I came to this school but there's no outcome, those brats are invulnerable!!
Anyways.. Allah kareem. Hopefully I'll be out without knowing it.
Sorry to hear about that snitch in your school. BURN THE WITCH DOWN!! LOL! xD

Sorry to hear you had to leave though I hope it was worth it. Thanks for the advice.

Annual thing, and it's not definite, someone might file a transfer and doesn't get transferred and vice versa.

Thank you.
ehe bas ewyoh wadra? oho darb o za7ma, oho madrisa etsid el nafs. agool 5alleha 3ala allah. Ana mashi mashi enshallah.


You're right but not with this school. Staying here is a "bad x bad" situation. :(
Thanks anyways.

I admire the way you think but it isn't as easy as it sounds although there are crazy fatties who would do anything (as in pay anything) to loose that extra weight. I'll sure consider that. As for the private sector, they don't employ kuwaiti nationals for PE. That's what I heard.

Honestly, I can't handle it. I don't know how this year went by so I just want to be OUT asap.
Nursery? So that makes two in here, you and Amola! Allah e3enkum 3ala el athiyah o 3awar el ras. :/
& Thanks.

Will do, thank you.

hussain, enigma, cixousian, ge0, ms loala, & laialy,: