Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretty amusing, yet very true...

I got this through email earlier today...

قصيدة قديمة ورائعــه للشاعرة "رياح الوفا"
لم يسبق نشرها تلمس قضية "الستر" لأختي المسلمة


يابنت بعد الستر صْرتي تعــّرين
لاهوب ذا فرض ولا هوب سنـّـه

لاتلــبسين الثوب العلاّق تكفين
أمـــي وأمــــك قبـــلنا مالبسنـّه

كانــك بتقليد الخواجه تبــاهين
وراك يـوم الحشر نـــــــارٍ وجنــّـه

وان كان ذي موضـه ! تراكن مساكين
الكــافرات لباسهن تلبسنـّـه

لبــسٍ عليكــن مثـل لبس المجانين
متقطّـع حتى الظــهر بان منـّه

الكاســـيات العــاريات (......)
ياويــــلهن مــــن شــي يواجـــهنـّـه

جداتـــنا باقــي صداهـن لهالحين
الكــــم لا منه قصـــر طـــولــنـّـه

لا ما لبسن لبــسة "ديانا ونادين"
والســاق مثل "كلوديا" ماكشفنـّـه

ترى الحـلا ماهو بكشف الكراعين
ولا هو بكشف الصـدر ياللي تبنـّـه

ترى الحــلا بالستر بس الستر ويـن
دام اللبــاس الفــــاضح تؤيـدنـّـه

لاشفتهــن بالعرس مثل الشياطين
حتى الشعــر فـوق الاذان جْـبَعَنـّه

ماالــوم انا من عندها نقص بالدين
ألـــــوم زوج خـــيـّب الله ظــــنـّـه

يمشي وراهــا مثل مشي البعارين
لمطـــارد الموضــه معاها تقنـّــه

وليــا نصحها قالت: اسكت وبعدين
وإن ما سكت في كف يدها تصنـّه

غصـــبٍ عليه .. الحُبّ فوق القوانين
لاتحــــترم رايه ولاَتخـــاف مــنـّه

الجَيب فـــــاضي بعْد جمْع الملايين
بنــــات حَــــوّا ضاعــــن وضيّعَنّه

اللهم استـــر بنـــات المسـلميــن


Yara said...

Wow 3ajeeeeeeeeeeba :) i copied it and sent it to many people by email :) thanks

Elijah said...

I'm gonna be a bit "nikdeh" lol. It was filed under funny but I don't think it is funny actually.

I agree that the way they dress is like prostituting themselves but I also don't think that the 7ijab is the solution. If u ever read or heard of Nawal Saadawi's point of view on dress, then that's what I'm talking about. Women shouldn't let their bodies out for men to drool over yet they don't have to go the extremes and cover themselves from head to toe, including the face.

There is something in between, dress decently, don't sell yourself and that would be fine.

I think the only reason I'm still wearing 7ijab is cuz I have been for years and years and it's difficult to take it off now, but seriously i don't like it and I don't like it when people say "sutra" without it I'm what??? fa9'ee7a???

Ms Loala said...

I like this part "ترى الحــلا بالستر بس الستر ويـن"
It kinda summerizes all what i'm about to say.

Kinan said...

I think everyone reads too much into this matter. So the girl wants to dress up like that, what the hell is your business?!?!?

People wake up and smell the 21st century. It's not Jaheliyyah any more.

Anonymous said...

sexy :P

Hamza said...

Elijah - I totally agreed with you. Its totally about compromise..UNTIL you mentioned Nawal Saadawi..Out of alllll the living organisms (I don't dare to call her human), couldn't you find a better person to quote?


Elijah said...

How about Elijah?? :P

You don't have to take everything she says but about clothes, she was reasonable.

Anonymous said...


ee wallah al7la bel seteeeeeeeeeeeeeer! :)

Cixousian Panic said...

yeah, me no likee :(

c'mon people.

shino il difference il it make what a girl wears. It's her choice. If you dont like it don't look at it!

I like elijah's point of view. I read Nawal Al-Saadawi and think she makes a lot of sense. You don't have to be covered from head to toe to be decent.

thanx for sharing though.

The Criticizer said...

You're welcome.

I'm not in favor of restricting women freedom; they're free to wear whatever they want but without disregarding the smallest aspects of self-respect. Lately it has gone way off limits. You can count me as one of those who are against piling women with clothes like a mountain but I'm also against women who think they are free enough to walk around half naked.

ms loala:
Word. :P

Sshhhhh... Just shushhh...
You're not the one wearing the bra here. :P

On a serious note, if we're not allowed to wear shorts in campus because it's inappropriate then why are they allowed to wear *censored - detailed info* and rub them in our faces?


Nawal Saadawi should warm up for her grave.


cixousian panic:
As I said to Elijah, I'm not against their freedom, I'm against their shameful/extreme clothes.

& you're welcome.

Kinan said...


My point works for both genders. They're just clothes!!! You want to wear shorts, be my guest :)

I guess what I am trying to say here is just that a person's choice of clothing does not necessarily (and generally speaking) dictate who s/he is.

I don't want for my life to be mandated by what others think. The girl wants to walk half naked and you want to wear shorts, do it!

Just do it :)

And, shushhhhh yourself ;)