Saturday, April 28, 2007

Urgent Message | Hussain

"Hussain said...

allah y3enk!

hey dude, laish my blog ma yba6el! service down?!!

I got this email earlier today,
seems like your email & blog have been hacked!

Sorry. :/


Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeeee maskeen

EniGma said...

that was me ;p

hussain said...



e-mailat ahly oo rab3i oo 3endi malfat elkolya !!
allah karem
btw.. mashkor mac!

eshda3wa said...

eeeeeeeeh hussain ive been trying all morning!

inta moo maktoob 3alaik permanent blog

kel eshway imghayer!


Elijah said...

That's why I cudn't get into ur site, I thought u left us again :/

What do u do now????

Anonymous said...

7araaam =\

The Criticizer said...

anony (aka enigma):
yep. :/

I'm sorry for that. Allah e3enik, bear in mind it's not the end of the world.
& You're welcome. If there's anything we can help you with just let us know, ok?

Sucks indeed. :/

I guess he should get a new email, new blog, new passport, and get shipped abroad where there are no retards like the ones who hacked his stuff.
I should get witness protection from FBI!


Ms Loala said...

Omg is that even possible? That's too bad =\
Awal marra ashof hackers send e-mails saying that they hacked it! idiots! better yet, 3agad!!!
Allah ye3enek hussain, you'll make it up inshalla.
As for mac, i say you should change your password. There's a possibly that they may hack your e-mail since you received one from them.

NoNoWa said...

I tried to get to his blog too but I didnt know what was wrong,cuz I am still fairly new at this.
So sorry for Hussain.... :(

Kinan said...

Hassoun man did you try emailing Blogger?!

Maybe they can do something about it! :(

We really miss you!

Anonymous said...

hey guys! this is Hussain.

i've created my own 4th blog. sorry for bothering you! :D

Fezi. ! said...

yallah ma 3aleeh, el moushkela ina my cuzin's email mawjood bil (To) list !!

Anonymous said...

LOL! what a coincidence!

this is my e-mail :D. who's your cousin? cuz all of the e-mails are my colleagues' emails :)

The Criticizer said...

Rekoo? What's that? :P