Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yes, "Weak"end. Not a typo.

I've been sick in bed the whole weekend. Sick to the extent of having thoughts that I had Birds Flu. Couldn't move, couldn't sleep well, and worst of all I couldn't enjoy the weekend. Thank god it's minor viral infection and I'm finally getting over it (hence I'm posting right now) though I need a couple of more days to fully recover.


Extinct Dodo said...

salamaat, matshoof shar. a9lan this weekend was damaar with the bad weather and all, so i dont think you really missed out on anything

snookie said...

salamaaaat.. drink camomile tea with honey :)

Anonymous said...

yesterday was friday 13th

Hamza said...

7amdella ala El-salameh. Personally, I am sick till now from Thursday.

But since you are back, I'd love to torment you with Milan's win over Bayern Munich..Hahahaha

See, germans never learn. They got their butt kicked last year by acmilan..3 months later, they got their butt kicked in world cup in germany and last weekend, Acmilan knocked them off like a bunch of domino pieces. All that and it was on your homeland.

When will the germans learn? just when? :P

Kinan said...

salamaaaaaaaaaaaaaat mac!

Yalla get well soon, we missed you and the heavy sarcasm ;)

Elijah said...

No wonder where you are!! I thought you were just ignoring us :(

Salamaaaat maciiiii, eat ginger, don't ask me why but I do that when I get sick.

KJ said...

About time someone else was sick! HAHAHAHAH! Now help me spread the mucus.

Ge0Logist said...

get well

3baid said...

Get well soon :)

Elijah said...

loool @ hamza

So is that why ur sick???

Will said...

Salamat o ma tshoof shar. I'm sick as well. I have the 'Zala3eem' (If you don't know what that is, it's soar throat).

eshda3wa said...


hope u feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Ajr o 3afya ;P

EniGma said...

awwwwwwwww salamaaaat :*

and i thought u were hiding.

Missy said...

salamaat salamaat! u cracked me up.. what bird flu!! mn 9ijik entat loooooool :P

Ms Loala said...

Awww salamat oo ma tashof shar inshalla. To think of it, it's way much better than going through a painful stage of wisdom-tooth-ache. Damn that @#$%^
Yalla get well soon

TAT said...

Hope you get well soon

EniGma said...

in response to Eli, i think u're supposed to drink the ginger, not eat it ;>

Hope ur feeling better!

Elijah said...

No Enigma, eating it is so much stronger that ur eyes pop out, so the effect is faster :P

Maci :(

Maciiiiii :(

Get better, we miss u :(

Kinan said...

We miss you duuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddeeee!

yalla, Get well soon!

pinkjawbreaker said...

Salamat ajer o 3aafya inshalla :)

BLaSha said...

salamat :*

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh! salaaaaaaaamaaat matshoof shar; ajer oo 3afya inshallah!

kel hatha bcuz Bayern 6l3o men el champions league ;P

Anonymous said...

SalaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ;**

kisart kha6ree !! bes BIRDS FLU mara wa7da 3ad? :P smilla 3alaik o 3alaina !!

o why would that anonymous person bring up friday the 13th?? why? WHYY???

Elijah said...

Maci just write "I'll comment later" or sthg but tell us if ur ok or not!!!

MACIIIIIIIIII ur scaring me :(

Yalla get well, I'm not posting or commenting until u get ur @$$ back here!!!!!

Zed said...

get well soon... and don't forget to take your medication

The Criticizer said...

First I want to thank all of you and I missed you all.

Yeah I heard, thank god I was in bed.

All good now, thanks.

What does that have to do with anything? Even if it does, I don't believe in that bullsh!t.

You know... even if bayern lost 10-0 I would still love and respect them. This is something none of you rookies would understand. ;P

Anyways... 3laikum bil 3afya... at least Milan took us out not Madrid or Manchester.

Thank you.
Sarcasm you say, eh? I thought you have nothing to do with football? :P

I'm here I'm here! Sorry. :(

I recovered a few days ago but wasn't in a good mood to check my blog till now.

And don't worry, I do not get sick because of football. I'm not that crazy.

Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it. ;)

LOL! Too late though I did something better, I infected my whole family. ;P

Thank you.


Heh, thank you & salamat to you too. :)

Allah esalmich, thanks.

Allah e3afeech, thanks.

Allah esalmich.
Hide from what? :/

Allah esalmich. I guess I was hallucinating and paranoid because of the disease. :P

ms loala:
Thanks. I don't think so. I'd live with toothache rather than having uncounted days in life. I was knocked out with sickness for three days. :/

Thank you.

Thank you.

Allah esalmich.

Allah esalmik. No, don't worry, that wasn't the reason.

Thank you. Paranoia I guess.
No idea about Mr/Ms anonymous. :/

Thanks. Done with it already.