Friday, June 08, 2007

To do or not to do

I got an offer to work in the graphic design field but it's a full time job which means I will have to quit my current job. Honestly speaking I don't like my current job hence I went on taking graphics and web design diploma.*

The offer is good, the salary's better (w/bonuses), but with 7 working hours and 45 days annually for vacation. And to compare it with my current job, my current salary's good but less than the offer, 6 hours a day with +70 days of vacation (summer break / spring break) and a sh!tty working environment. Bear in mind that both jobs are in the governmental sector and my 2 years experience will be counted if I switch so I won't be missing on much.

The only thing that's holding me back is that I don't know anything about the new job's ladder. As in ten years from now I don't know if I would be sitting in the same place or not.

So what do you think? Go for it or pass?
I'm really confused and I want some opinions.


Me7sin said...


my aunt used to work in the goverment sector for 9 years (she claims as wasted time)


she gained enough experience from it and opened her own consultancy firm and is now reelin' in the goods

point: YES TAKE THAT JOB, learn from it, gain the experience oo shway shway tisa7ab to better opeertunities in the future

na7yat mazaya and all, shid 3ala nafsik shway oo 7alil those 45 days since they're not much ;P but atleeeast ull be working on a job that lets u do ur hobby and get payed for it

u had 70 days vacation, i think u spent most of those days playing with photoshop LOL ;P fa ma frigat wya this new job Yo

and i doubt there's anyplace worse than working in jleeb il shyte *sorry to any residents of that area*

take the job P, it most definatly has a hell of a lot more potential than ur current position, g'luck ;P

Aldenya said...

first 9alay
" صلاة الإستخارة "
what ur mind tell u or believes

hope u get the best

Hamza said...

I can already feel that you are dying to work in a graphic design field but you are afraid of the change.

Salary is good. Working environment can't get worse. The only disadvantage is in the vacation days.

I say go for it. You'll have a better self satisfaction when you feel that you are applying what you have learned in your graphics and web design diploma

Good luck man :)

kwam said...

Salam alikum, sorry to interfere (I participated once in ur blog for an advice of mac market in kw) I'm with aldenya opinion salat este'7ara if the choices where divided 50% each, and don't be sure if your job title is a graphic designer u'll be involved just in graphic design. I'm mostly sure that they'll give u other work outside that field especially the job is in government sec that what I experienced, my job title is an IT developer but my manager submits me other things than IT stuff, so it depends I think u should ask the new job manager in ur interview

ge0 said...

vacation wise what do you do in the 3 months vacation? its a torture for young active men like us:D
try to compare where would you end 20 years from now in both jobs that may help clearing the vision.
good luck

Elijah said...

Go for it , you're still young, you have the energy to work a bit more and then you'll stop complaining about that sh!tty job you have!!!

Teaching is nice, but it can kill your brain cells quickly!

Extinct Dodo said...

is there a corporate ladder at your current job? will you be promoted to little league coach? dude, lawa3t chbooda weya your current job, just switch oo fk 3omrik oo rayi7na weyak :P

Sene said...

Go for it...Oppurtunity never comes twice. You are young, capable. Take up the new job, always a learning experience. And that too graphic design. Believe me, you are gonna going to love it.
Best of luck!!

EniGma said...

em,, what's ur current job's ladder? I say go for it. Anything is better than the geezan in jleeb el shyoookh

snookie said...

obviously i'm in no position to give an opinion since im still a student, but i think that any improvement is a step forward.. i say go for it :) and i'm sure you will actually enjoy your job this time.

Anonymous said...

Take it!

Kinan said...

I will have to agree with the people here and say that it would be such a shame if you would let this opportunity pass you by!

It's doing something that you already love, how cool would that be?! :D

The worst thing that could happen to anyone is to be stuck at job doing something that they hate (or didn't like at least).

Good luck anyways :D

Ms Loala said...

I agree with everyone here. Take it, you never know when a second chance may hit.

And you say that the salary is better than your current one, and in my opinion it's your winning ticket. Take into concideration the next 5 years in which you will get married and have kids, a high salary will leave your account stuffed until the end of the month ;)

And besides, it's something you love and enjoy, it will improve your skills later on.

jaz said...

I say take it :)

KJ said...

Estakheer rabbak.

As for the ladder, it goes from junior graphic designer > graphic designer > senior graphic designer > art director > design manager

If you follow this path you will do pretty well, at least you will work in a creative atmosphere inshalla and, who knows, you can end up in Dubai, where you will recruit me. LOL

Me7sin said...

ok we said take the job not abandon blogging (@@)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks guys, I'll apply and see if it works out. If not I'll be stuck with MOE for another year.