Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tag :/

Tagged by Elijah. I'm compelled to do it. :/

A: Available or single - Tyyyyyppoooo. Single.

B: Best Friend — J.H. Aka Jax_Juice

C: Cake or pie — Strawberry cheesecake.

D: Dance or exercise — Indirect exercise (street soccer)

E: Essential Item — My Mac.

F: Favorite color — Blue.

G: Gummy bears or worms — Worms.

H: Home town — 3agad city.

I: Indulgence — Shesha.

J: January or February — February.

K: Kids — Fine between the age of 1-4 then they get irritating.

L: Life — Something not easy to understand.

M: Marriage — One day, but not too soon.

N: Number of siblings — 4

O: Oranges or apples — Apples

P: Phobias — Entomophobia (more as Roachophobia)

Q: Favourite Quote — "Turbo lag is meant to give V8s a chance."

R: Reasons to smile — My niece.

S: Season — Winter, I'd rather die frozen.

T: Tag 3 people — someone someone and someone.

U: Unknown fact about me — I'd rather keep it "Unknown"

V/W: Worst habit — Shesha.

X/Y: Your favorite Food — Chicken Machbous, home made.

Z: Zodiac — Cancer.

No more tags, please! :(


Me7sin said...

i tag u to succeed with ur new future LOL ;P

elijah said...

I still don't get how u can kill rats but ur afraid of roaches.

I'm nicer than u though, I could've tagged u again :P

Kinan said...

elijah is evil. EVIL I SAY!

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

I love your neice too, she's so adorable mashalla :*

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Allah yesma3 minnik.
U too! :D

Long story, I'll tell blog it when I'm bored. ;P

Yep, you're the nicest person on earth for not taggin' me twice. :P

VERY! But she's sweet, still. :P

ms loala:
Yep, she is, although sometimes she becomes very annoying. Well, all kids do. :P