Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dedicated to Intlxpatr

"Ahhhhh, Mac, I know you are just being kind because YOU have a hot new camera with all the bells and whistles. When are we going to see some photos?" --intlxpatr

Here are some pictures...

They're not perfect but I don't take my camera everywhere I go hence I don't get to take more pictures. The built-in vibration reduction system works great. However it has slight effect on long exposures and high zoom (i.e. Kuwait city picture). I need a tripod and a little more practice on the functions of the cam.

ps: Am I the only one who misses Moocherx?


Ms Loala said...

Looks neat "thump up"
All you need is a scene and a free time and you're all set.

Is that little girl your neice?

elijah said...

The keyboard one is brilliant! Thy're all nice but the light and shade in that one is nicer.

Keep it up.

elijah said...

yeah I miss his rants too.

Intlxpatr said...

Holy WOW, Mac, the Dashboard! What an eye you have!

And the first marina one, with everything from the foreground to deep background sharp, so sharp! WOW!

Keep the camera with you. Use it, make yourself use it. And thank you, Mac, I especially love the dashboard. WOW.

Yeh, I miss Moocherx. He was funny and kind, and keenly witty. I keep thinking he will pop up under another name, but I don't find him. I keep looking. Is he Aussie?

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Yep. Rawan :D

Glad you like it. I will try my best. ;)

Three "WOW"s, that's a relief! :D
I'm very glad you like them.

That Dashboard shot wasn't so hard, I was parking in a dark place and started shooting while revving the engine until I realized that I was only disturbing the neighbors! Thank god I got the right shot before someone comes to beat me up. :P

I will make sure to keep my cam close whenever I go out.

I think Mooch's still around but he too busy to blog anymore. And no he's not Aussie, I'm sure he's British.

KJ said...

Brilliant quality!

Now do your photoshop work on your photos ;) This is how we all cheat on dA :P

Kinan said...

These shots are great man :)

I LOVE the one with the chair (second row - right) LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT :D

And, I miss moocher too and Nael as well! Where are these guys anyway?! :(

Anonymous said...

nice shots mate :) which camera did you purchase?

The Criticizer said...

Then again I guess I'll have to do it too. Thanks for the tip. ;P

Thanks, glad you like it. :D
Mooch has to come back otherwise I'll report to the authorities of a missing expat. :/

Thanks. I got this. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice cam :) keep us posted with your new pics.

Anonymous said...

fery nyce

elijah said...

I just noticed that the 4th pic is the coolest, and ur niece so cute, keep it up.

jaz said...

Hows the Z? :D

moocherx said...

how dare anyone suggest I'm australian!

The Criticizer said...

Thanks, will do. :D

Danke. :D

What's so cool about it? I really love the Dashboard pic overall.
And thank you. Will do. ;)

Great! Manual g/b is all history by now though it's kind of annoying in rush hours.

Welcome back!!!! When are you planning on getting back to blogging? :/

Me7sin said...

gr8 pic P, im getting pretty interested in photography these days, yala shayishne 3al camerat mithil ma saweet bil mac LOL

but that adorable sleepy face of ur niece makes it the best pic u've taken by far Yo ;P

god bless her oo alah ekhaleeha likom inshalah

The Criticizer said...

allah esalmik bro, 7abeeb. :D