Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good bye Jeleeb Sheyokh, you won't be missed.

Last week school's over and I'm out of Jeleeb Sheyokh for good starting next semester (fingers crossed) so here's the ultimate "I HATE JELEEB SHEYOKH" post.

I will show you the trash yard (a.k.a. school) I've been working in for over 6 months. The school has been under construction for the whole time I've been there so that is the actual work environment.

PE fields (soccer/basketball/handball)

Another view...

And another...

School hall/PE hall.

Another view...

And another...

PE section corridor.

Another veiw.

Classes corridor.


Teachers attendance book.
All PE teachers were late that day, including myself. :P

One of my classes name list. I have no idea how they can live with these names. Funny thing is, Mr. Crazy here is one of the most polite students in the school.
To those who can't read arabic: One of the names is pronounced "Turkey Crazy".

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Moey said...

hahahaha you're a PE teacher? come on

elijah said...

This is ridiculous! How could they expect you to go to work when there's no where to teach.

Hope it works out and ur out for good.

elijah said...

Oh I forgot, I got gooooood news for u. How much will ya pay first? :)

Guess what's opening again? In the free trade zone.

Cafe ...





Digol :P

I saw it as i was driving around the other day :)

ge0 said...

thanks goodness I am out of MOE forever! Switch to my high school in qur6iba. It's amazing for PE teachers or that what I hear consistently.
I wish we were in the same school we could have great time together.

Anonymous said...

Allah e3eenik my friend
bss el so2al elii mafrooth el wa7ed yes2alah is "wyn el wezarah 3anhom?"

snookie said...

we3.. wtf dude.. :O

Financy said...

sh-hal zibala

quit and work for private sector or someplace else .. 3eesh 7ayatik ... explore work

when u work hard . u will feel alife wallah ..

Intlxpatr said...

So Mac, is it another school or is it the Graphics job? And did you take these photos with your hot new camera?

Ms Loala said...


no no no no NO....!

How long have you been teaching there again??
and are you sure you're a PE teacher? where the hell are students suppose to work out? oh yeah i forgot, fel bara7a xD

And how do you pronounce those names? x\ they're not human!


la 9ej ensadat nafsy :\
allah ye3enek, eftakait :p

Ms Loala said...

And they actually broke in!! no wonder they stole saffron :\

Amola said...

لووووووووول أهم شي صورة بابا جابر الله يرحمه فوق المسرح الناس قامت تعلق صور بابا صباح!

وبعدين صورة الممر يخرع حشى سجن مو مدرسه انا مستغربه انك ماقدمت استقالتك لما حطوك فيها

Kinan said...



May every step you take hereafter be further away from stupid Jleeeb. STUPID!

Driving around?! Shweikh?! You need a life. Seriously :P

Me7sin said...

i see opertunity with those broken pipes in the field, u couldve turned those brats into spartans u know?



elijah said...

I'm in love with the free zone, the whole place makes u feel like ur outside Kuwait. I drive around from time to time, got to Mitla3, Boubyan and a chalet there, forgot the name. :) you should try it, I still gotta finish the 7th and 8th ring roads :P

KJ said...


You were working in a post-nuclear disaster site man. I only see such scenes in videogames

The Criticizer said...

Yes I am, what's funny about that? :/

Ask MOE. :(

Sorry to burst your bubbles but you probably have forgotten about [this] :P

btw, what the hell were you doing cruising there? People cruise in nice places not industrial areas. Besides, KFTZ isn't as nice as it looks. Sea breeze smells like *put proper disgusting word here* xD

Lucky you! High school is good but I'm still not in the mood for older students. I'll stick with intermediate school for now.

Where do you work now if you don't mind me asking?

Heh.. el wezarah is the one who's fixing the school, for 7 months that is.

I know! My point exactly. :/

I wish it's as easy is that. I will work on finding an EXIT from MOE and enshallah things go well.

That's the school I used to work in for the past year. The same school with the robbery story (link in the end of the entry).

And I won't take the graphics job. It's not worth it, I will explain soon.

[posts a dedication]

ms loala:
LOL! See, and people blame me for complaining about it. :(
Enshallah I get transferred once and for all.

Haha.. Yeah, it certainly looks like "6al7a prison" xD

Enshallah I will escape from MOE once I finish my graphics diploma, otherwise I'm stuck till eternity. :(

Thanks! :D

LMAO!!!! xD
It actually happened. There was this annoying 9omali student who kept on whining why my friend didn't make them play football so he came to us, me and my friend, insisting we give him a ball. My friend looks at me and says "Hatha elly bazig6a o agoola THIS IS JELEEB SHYOKH". Like the Persian messenger! xD

LOL! Even worse. I was teaching mutants. :/

elijah said...

Damn it, I already made plans what to do with the money :)

Well when I'm in my car I can't smell anything outside, but I just love the buildings and the clean newly paved streets. It's like ur abroad somewhere :)

The Criticizer said...

You can have my next salary. ;P

Go there at night. It's so quite and the surroundings make it look like a resort.

ge0 said...

ill go to study again

The Criticizer said...

Waste some more years eh? :/

Good luck!

Moey said...

I did not know that you're a PE teacher