Monday, June 18, 2007

Gone Illegal v.2 | DREAM

TV is not an essential part of my life; my mac and mobile are more sacred to me than TV. However, sometimes I find the necessity of having to watch TV generally for football and to break boredom until recently when my last receiver got busted (server closed). Hence I went on looking for an alternative and finally got my hands on the ultimate receiver. Some of you already know it, some don't... It's called DreamBox DM500S.

Showtime, Orbit, ART, Jazeera Sport +1 & +2...etc. all working fine. Even Home Cinema channel playing all movies without ordering them! 70 KD is all worth it.

Some of the key features of the receiver:-

  • 250 MHz PowerPC Processor (350 MIPS)
  • Linux Operating System, Open Source
  • MPEG2 Hardware decoding
  • 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet Interface
  • 32 MByte RAM
  • Channel change in less than 1 second
  • Fully automated channel scan
  • Unlimited channel list for TV/Radio

    "The Dreambox DM500S is a Linux and open-sourced powered FTA satellite receiver. With the latest firmware provided, you get extending functionality to receive all satellite channels wide open.

    This receiver has an incredible 32 MByte RAM which makes it the most powerful and upgradeable model on the market. An interactive CD-ROM in now included with all the latest software, utilities, and step-by-step instructions."
  • I had to edit the entry of the last receiver to sync it with this entry when KJ and Hamza commented on it, not knowing anything about this current breach. :P

    Anyways... here are some other pics:-

    Again and again and agian...
    Feeling guilty? No.
    Satisfied? HELL YES I AM.


    ge0 said...

    I am challenged by the technical knowledge/skills you have. I feel retarded when I read your entries!!

    The Stallion said...

    A while back I bought the Dreambox 7020 and added a 120 GB Hard Drive inside! Come to think of it I bought it close to 2 years ago now! WOW! The receiver was working properly but despite having it for that long and I still do not know how to update the internal software! I'm still running on 2005 or maybe even 2004 software!

    Bojacob said...

    I've always been baffled with how these things work. I know it needs to connect to the internet, therefore, does it just download the decryption keys whenever the key changes?

    That's certainly one dedicated server!

    Kinan said...

    If there's anything in this world that I will never be able to comprehend it would be digital satellite receivers. These blasted little things just baffle me completely!

    70 KD?! What else is required?! DSL Connection, WiFi?! would you care to elaborate please?! :D

    Oh and where could you get it from?!

    Thanks mac :)

    elijah said...

    Only in Kuwait :P

    elijah said...

    sorry let me rephrase that Only in the Arab World :)

    KJ said...

    Infidel. Your stupid Dream thing does not boot up 400 gazillion triangles per second.

    I hate you.

    I am not jealous.

    No No.

    Not at ALL.

    *goes back to stupid xbox*

    Ms Loala said...

    70 for all channels? that's a damn bargain :P

    But i can't help but think whether it receives all channels by just plugging it in or wire it to the computer .. can you please elaborate?

    Anonymous said...

    daaaaaamn !!!

    Financy said...

    porn ?

    The Criticizer said...

    lol! Don't feel like that. It's just a matter of interest. If you like something you'll have to know everything about it.

    the stallion:
    It doesn't need a technician to know how to update the software. Take your time reading about it on the net when you're bored.

    It sure is! It connects through FTP server and starts decrypting all available channels.

    All you need is a DSL connection. (256kp or more are preferable) Just plug the ethernet cable and watch the magic.
    I don't know where exactly to get it since my friend brought me this one through his resources but I know it's located in Hawally near the fire station. Ask there. Good luck!

    Hey, I heard about the last copyrights bust in Jordan. Loads of copies were destroyed. :/

    LOL! Trade your XBOX! xD

    ms loala:
    Not all channels. Let's say 95% of all channels.
    You must have DSL connection for it to work. Just connect the ethernet/LAN cable and the satellite wire and you're done with +2000 channels. :D

    I know! xD

    Erm... Not if you don't have HotBird. :/

    elijah said...

    Really? I wouldn't know as I ALWAYS buy original cd's and DVD's I never download them through emule or get them from Hawalli ;P

    Oh and u were tagged a week ago, mu sho3'li, it's revenge time I hate them more than u do so u have to endure the torture also!

    Me7sin said...

    gotta get one of those ;P


    help me oh great iGod, i am looking for the geethree slick imovie plugins 1-10 (with the UB update) but cannot gain access or membership to to get the torrent (a'holes wont allow new members madre shino, and its the only place on the net who has it)

    the file size is around 63MB, anyone who finds it somewhere else will get a big web iKiss from me :$

    plz help, im desperate =/

    Ms Loala said...

    How do you just connect it to the PC? isn't there some of software to make it work? a code to crack?
    Please elborate "more" :P

    The Criticizer said...

    Buy originals? Not good. Not good at all. :P

    What tag?!! No NO NOOO!!! :(

    *goes to do it*

    Done. & you're welcome.

    ms loala:
    You don't have to connect it to PC. All you need is to connect it to DSL modem via LAN/Ethernet cable. (wireless connections don't work) The receiver comes programmed with everything, it connects directly to the server by itself whenever you boot/start it. It keeps downloading channels/card keys as long as it's connected to the internet. The only thing you'll have to do is to reprogram it once every six months by going back to your retailer. This reprogramming is needed to keep all channels activated because, as you have already figured out, it's illegal and since it's illegal the server has to be changed from time to time so they don't get caught. ;P
    Here's a picture of the back of the receiver with all the wiring. [link]

    Hope that clarifies everything, if not I will write a whole article for you. ;)

    Ms Loala said...

    I see ...
    Thanks i got it ;P it's just i'm short on DSL connection.
    Thanks alot ;)

    Rodrigo said...

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    Me7sin said...

    che guavera, chemoto kasapoko santa clauso

    kee marag laham weya aish

    chico semo pedo popo

    nachos quasadilla, hastalavista babyoo

    The Criticizer said...

    ms loala:
    No DSL till now?! Whoa!!!
    You're still living the stone age! lol

    You're welcome. ;p

    Obrigado mas eu não sou interessado. Tentativa alguma outra pessoa e talvez você começa afortunado e encontra alguns compradores.

    Danke für die Hilfe, ich sind sicher, daß er Ihre Meldung erhielt. :P