Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"I still don't get how u can kill rats but ur afraid of roaches." -- elijah

This is how it started...

When I was at fifth grade I was lying on the ground playing Honoo no Toukyuuji Dojji Danpei on my SEGA Mega Drive, my little sister (was 6 years old back then) was sitting next to me watching me playing. She told me she saw something next to the TV table. I didn't pay any attention, my concentration was all in the game.

Time passes by, suddenly I felt like my foot is sweating but that sweat is going up my foot rather than dropping down my foot. I changed my position to find myself in a situation nobody would want to be in. That thing crawled up my boogie pants and reached all the way up to my knee!

*lots and lots of undisclosed drama*

And that's how the phobia started. For a whole year after that incident I wore nothing but shorts. Even at school I used to fold my pants up to my knees because whenever I feel sweaty feet my life goes dark!

Ever since that happened I have acquired an amazing ability to detect roaches... There's a certain smell, whenever I smell it I can tell there's a roach lying around somewhere in that room. (some people know exactly what I'm talking about)

Funny thing is, since the incident till this day (and maybe forever) I never sleep without precaution measures. I always have insecticides within reach and bring exterminators on annual basis.


Hamza said...

aaaaah..I see you were another victim to the addictive SEGA MEGA DRIVE. I wonder if you can sue Sega for your phobia :P

3baid said...

It's called, "Arrumya almultahibaaaaa!!!" >:O

elijah said...

Aaaaaw creeepy, but u see with me it had a different effect, I started killing those damn b@$tards whenever I see em, and in Jordan we have lots, imagine ur walking and one flies right over your head,they have wings!!

I used to get up kill one and continue my lunch :)

KJ said...

They are disgusting thing that have no purpose in life.

And thank you for selecting Mega Drive over SNES, in those days, it was the best time in videogame history, thanks to a healthy competition and the nonexistence of Sony or Microsoft in the gaming field.

Kinan said...

Oh you poor thing!!!

You should seek therapy. You know, for post-traumatic shock and all ;)

Anonymous said...

So next time I feel something in my room I should give you a call :P (joke)

Intlxpatr said...

Borax! Borax kills roaches and is safe for humans. I lived in Florida. Roaches give me the total creeps, I hate them. It's visceral. They give me shudders.

eshda3wa said...

u poor baby!!

come here gimme a hug

The Criticizer said...

Great idea! *goes to sue SEGA*

I know but it sounds much cooler in Japanese. :D

Those flying ones are the ultimate nightmare! Even thinking of them makes me shudder!

A funny fact I read somewhere about those in particular... it's said that flying roaches are females looking for mating!

True. Another funny, yet disturbing, fact about roaches is that they don't get affected by nuclear radiation!

Why? I love SONY and I think it's the ultimate console ever. :/

After that incident my mom took me to a couple of sessions, no kidding. Nothing worked. Hence I don't believe in psychotherapy.

Sure, I'll come and smell around. :P
Once you know that smell you'll be definite there's a roach around somewhere.

Likewise. :(
Thanks for the tip.


Navy Girl said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ! I have no idea what would I do if it happened to me ! oh my god ! I hate those things they are gross!

Anonymous said...

shaaa5baaaaari SEGA :D

roaches and snakes... my biggest fears!

KJ said...

The PS2 is brilliant (in its second half of its life), I have to agree. It appealed well to both Japanese and American markets (RPG vs Action/Sports)

I currently posses an X360 and not planning on getting a PS3. After Square lost most of its staff (and they are working on stuff for the X360) I don't see it worth buying a PS3.

But we will see :P

Anonymous said...

Alllaah! Sega was my favorite!

PS:Allah e3eenik 3ala ma ibtalak ;P

Ms Loala said...

"rubs goose bumps" :\

I don't know how you survived this! i once touched its leg and i wanted to cut my whole hand for good! :\

I think i should hire you sometime before buying a house :P

Me7sin said...

similar situation happened with me at age 6 but with an ant, no phobias il7amdilah ;P wila chan ma akhalis LOL

EniGma said...

i'm too afraid of them i won't even go near them to kill them.AAnd i know about the smell :P

NoNoWa said...

I thought my husband was weird cuz he can "smell" roaches,
but now I just realize u are both weird!!!

Financy said...

i have the same phobia man..

akhaaaaaaaaaaaf menhom .. specially the flying ones

once a roach's leg got stuck under my feet .. the Shook got in my skin


i HATE IT !!!! if i see it .. i will run away

iNoor said...

ewwwwww I really HATE those nasty little creatures >_< they're my #01 nightmare, ugghhhh
whenever I see one, I fast for two days X( and now I'm gonna fast cuz you lawwa3t chabdy *barfs*

The Criticizer said...

navy girl:

Snakes are poor things. Roaches are el bastardos.

I won't get PS3 till Gran Turismo / Metal Gear / Winning Eleven are out. I play ony for these games.

Allah kareem :/

ms laola:

LOL! Ants are poor little things. Roaches are the devil!

You're one of US!!! Tell them, tell them about the smell!!!!! xD

Huh?! That should make you think otherwise about your husband, we're not weird! You should go through a smiliar experience to know the smell. :/

Likewise. allah yel3anhum. :(

Hehe, I'm sorry for that. :P
Glad to see you on the blogs. When are you going to start blogging?