Saturday, June 16, 2007

RedBull Flugtag - Kuwait

Anyone signed up?


Me7sin said...


Yep, we did and pulled out yesterday :$

lazim ewafqoon 3alek, and their shroo6 on wat to use to build and specifics r way too much, plus the prizes r dawrat 6ayaran (not commercial) which none of us could use, but the preperation process was a heap of fun though ;P

Me7sin said...

btw pilot liscense courses can be switched for the equibilant cash, god knows how much (i dont expect it to be over $4000)

sweetd said...

i think id get hurt :P

sweetd said...

hehe its a long process thingy..:P not fun if u ask me

Evil Knievel said...

Nope ... but looking for a team to contribute...

snookie said...

oh wow that sounds sooooo fun!! i wish i could be there to watch the event!!

The Criticizer said...

Hard luck. Looks like we'll be facing the same problem. My friend will submit our application tomorrow. Let's wait and see.

Cool name btw. :D

It wouldn't harm anyone to try. ;)

evil k:
Too late, tomorrow's the last day for submitting applications. :/

It'll be held on November 2. ;)