Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cafe Digol | CLOSED

Most shisha smokers and "gahawi" riders know Digol Cafe so here are the news; my ultimate hang out will be closed down because the building is scheduled for demolition within the next few weeks. However the Cafe has moved to Free Trade Zone at Shuwaikh port and it will open next week.

I should consider this as a sign to quit because this is the third time this place gets closed and each time it opens up again it goes farther and farther. Honestly I cannot afford to hit all that road just to smoke shisha.

Elijah asked if I have tried to quit so this is my answer. I don't think I will quit but that should make me ease up on it then hopefully to quit later on.

UPDATE: Cafe digol is now open for bachelors & families at Kuwait free trade zone in Shuwaikh port.


Anonymous said...

Come on! Thats not fair...
bas leeehmotaaa..?

am gunna switch to dewaniyat al rb3!
its nice big and near

Yazeed said...

sha5bary digol
i remember the mirqab days :P

salamat jabriya oo bas :P

nibaq said...

I cry a little bit everytime I pass by the old sheesha places on Soor St.

Elijah said...

It's a sign maci ;)

BTW I didn't quit sheesha but I'm not addicted to it like you are. Program yur mind so that it knows you can have it once a week only, later you can make it twice a week, ... etc til you're not addicted.

Good luck ;)

Hussain said...

6l3to men elrabe3 :P

Macaholic, t3arf Ahmad Al-Najdy? (son of sa7eb elcafe), Sayed Ahmad Al-Mussawy (Blue ZO6 driver), or mesh3al Al-Sha6y ?

i used to go with some friends to Sharq/Morgab branch. I can't remember elma63am elhindy kan esmah funny :)

by the way, thanks for asking man. i was busy for couple of days. u know! studying is pain in the... neck! :P

Ms Loala said...

You can do it You can do it You can do it ;p
But, does it have that effect to the same leverl with cigs?
I thought shisha is light and you can quit it anytime you want. But to tell you the truth? one place is gone wel fal 7ag el bajy ;p i hate shisha x\

BLaSha said...

Ee, a7san, you can quit, it's not like ur that weak.

Zed said...

shisha isnt addictive, and if you dont wanna go that far for a shisha, find another place... there's many i like...

The Criticizer said...

I know it's annoying. :/

Salamat sucks. :P

Likewise. :/

I'm not addicted at all. It's just that I don't have anywhere else to hang out so I end up there between the shishas. :/
Hopefully this is a new start to quit.

hehe .. I don't know them in person but I've sat with them more than once.
Good luck!

ms loala:
It's not addictive. As I said to elijah, I don't have anywhere else to hangout so I end up there smoking that Scheisse. :/

Allah yesma3 minich.

I don't wanna find another place. I'm thankful it went farther so I don't go there anymore. I really want to quit.

Yazeed said...

lol it does, but its really close :P

i miss those old days, everything was close and next to eachother, now it all changed

The Criticizer said...

Likewise my friend. But it's all good now. That should keep me off the shisha.

KJ said...

Elijah is stupid :P (don't tell her that!)

Look, all the non-smoking days she had and she gained one more day in life. So technically she needs to quit smoking for 11 years to live one more year.

The other day an athlete died of a heart attack.

It is in the hands of God you know ;)

The Criticizer said...

Poor elijah. Allah ya36eeha 6olt el 3umor.

You're right my friend, it's all God's will, but that doesn't mean we keep doing what's not good for us. ;P

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