Monday, February 05, 2007

NBK Staring to Suck

I've been going back and forth trying to figure out a solution regarding my visa issue but it looks like it will never get solved. I have NBK's Internet Shopping Card and I've been using it for almost 7 months now but I've never had it blocked for anything. Now it's blocked because of two declined purchases and I have to wait 15 days to get it reactivated after they check up on those two invoices. I don't know why the hold up when they can easily refuse the process and get my money back to my balance.


Ms Loala said...

This is unbelievable!
It's like you've been cursed all of a sudden ;p
Why didn't you ask the websites why your orders have been declined? i don't know but i think you'll get a plain reason why from them.

Elijah said...

Ok I got my answer. Maybe in 15 days a new and better model will be out and you can get it without regrets ;)

بغالة حوشي said...

thats a shock

sweetd said...

sorry to hear that! was it that bad what u were orderig:O

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
I've sent almost 9 emails but the b@stards just won't reply! I swear I will give this whole thing 15 days, if it doesn't get solved in time I'm gonna make a mess @ NBK! :(

Maybe but I still want that model. Besides, it's not just about the shoe, there are lots and lots of stuff I wanna order but I cannot!

بغالة حوشي:
It sure does.

Nothing bad at all. A pair of puma's and FCBM/Adidas hoodie! :'(

Ms Loala said...

No no ;p
They said you should call them not e-mail them! sure they won't reply!

The Criticizer said...

Call? No one told me to call them. They have replied to my emails at last and guess what? Nothing they can do about it. They said it was declined by their Visa host.

I give up. I just want my money back! :(

Ms Loala said...

They took your money ?!
I'm confuesd, i don't know who's the retard now; the website, the bank or the visa =\

The Criticizer said...

Is it really that hard for me to explain everything at once? :/
They didn't take my money but once I add a certain amount of money to the visa I cannot withdraw it only in one case which is online purchases. Since the invoices had been declined my visa is frozen, meaning I cannot add to it nor buy anything with it until those two invoices are looked into.

Ms Loala said...

I knew that ;p

KJ said...

All credit cards suck. I suggest you negotiate with the bank to get some internet prepaid cards.

The Criticizer said...

Is that available? :/