Tuesday, February 20, 2007

VISA issue | Solved

Looks like my Visa is active again. I got a call from Keifan Central telling me they have a package for me. I went there to see one of the orders that had been stalling my visa delivered with shipping date of Feb. 14, 2007. I have placed that order earlier in January before my visa was blocked not knowing if it would be confirmed or not since the site I ordered from doesn't have shipment tracking.

Now that the shipment has been delivered and money deducted from my Visa I can make sure it's working again.

Just in case you're wondering what I ordered, it's an FC Bayern Munich rain jacket. I'm gonna wear this to bring luck for Bayern Munich on their match against Real Madrid TONIGHT! [unpacked]

UPDATE: Bayern Munich lost 3-2 but they still have a good chance of getting through if they win 1-0 or 2-1. *high hopes*


Nonaw said...


Cute jacket!

and dont you just looove ordering online?! i mean duuuhhh who doesn't! Hehe =P

Kinan said...

Oh! You're one of them?!?!?

Hussain said...

Mabrook 3al jacket oo Good luck!
Am having exam tomorrow. and my fav team is playing against Lile tonight!
So, wish me luck too :)

well, i only ordered a reasearch online!!! is that counts?! (oh lord! am nerd :P)

Nonaw said...


HOLY!!! only a research! HOW ARE YOU STILL LIVING!! OMG!!

NO NO JK JK! that was over re-acting! =P .. but dude! try to order clothes and stuff!! it really feels great and worth it =P

Zed said...

i'm a real madrid fan....you better pray i dont see you wearing that jacket in the street..lol j/k

eshda3wa said...


BLaSha said...

u bought a rain jacket to bring luck back to a soccer team :/

The Criticizer said...

Thank you. I started to hate online orders because of my latest visa problem. :/


Thanks. We lost but the score can help in home match. :P

Madridi! Get outta my blog!
lol .. j/k bro.. Great match but you still have to face us back @ Munich. ;P

You support Munich?! Well, we lost, but we still have a good chance.

Hehe, no, of course not. That order should have been delivered long ago and I wasn't even planing on wearing it for the match, but since it reached here on match day I figured out I should wear it that's all; no superstitious intentions by any means. :P

Hussain said...

The Criticizer:
your game was emwal3a from the begining. On the other hand, and despite the match result, manutd didn't play well.
and the best news is.. ZAFAT bel exam today! :)

Ms Loala said...

That's been the cause of the problem? ;p
Glad it's back to normal.

KJ said...

*vomits profusely at idea of a Bayern Munich jacket*

Zed said...

dont worry.. we'll face you and beat you ..

The Criticizer said...

You should concentrate on your studies. Don't waste your time. :/

ms loala:
Yep, thanks. :)

Please wipe the floor when you're done vomiting. :P

I'll keep my reply till match day. ;P

sweetd said...

awwww MABroooK!

The Criticizer said...

Thank you. :)

Elijah said...

Mabrooooook, and sorry they lost, or not, actually, I'm against Germany, Italy #1 :)

The Criticizer said...

Thank you.

I have nothing against Italy but I started to hate them after they won against Germany in the world cup. ;)

Elijah said...

That was the best game ever :)

The Criticizer said...

Don't play with my buttons. :'(