Sunday, February 11, 2007

Installing e-GO on Mac | +Review

Installing MTC-Vodafone Zain e-GO link on your Mac could be a little tricky because there's nothing mentioned on how to do it that comes with the box. A lot of people are having trouble trying to set it up on their Mac computers so here's how to do it.

  1. Download e-GO driver for Mac. [link]

  2. Uncompress the file and uncompress the files within. (2 files)

  3. Choose which driver based on your Mac. (Intel/PowerPC)

  4. Install the driver; go through installation till the end.

  5. Double click on the other file and enter PPS as your APN code.

  6. Now go to System Preferences > Network. You should have a new connection called HUAWEI.

  7. Double click on that connection, set your PPP username and password as PPS and dial number to *99#.

  8. On the same dialog go to Modem tab, choose HUAWEI modem from the list, uncheck the Wait for dial tone box, and turn OFF sound.

  9. Click Apply Now.

  10. Go back to PPP tab and choose Dial Now then click Connect.

Now everything is set up and you're ready to connect.

- example -

Review: To be honest it is still a rip off. People abroad are getting cable connection for the price of dail-up in Kuwait while we have to stick with this overpriced inconvenience and keep joking to ourselves about how fast it is, well it isn't as fast.

As you can see in the example the connection is 3.6Mbps which should be considerably fast but it is way slow compared to what they are promising. It even lagged on YouTube! However it does its job quite nice for quick connectivity and light browsing though not for heavy downloads.

The signal was fine, it was tested in Qurain and Shuwaikh, but I've heard it drops down during the night because they're still working on the network.

PS: Tested on my friend's MacBook.

UPDATE (December 2008): Here's how you can install the new eGO (Huawei E180) firmware for Mac. [link]


Elijah said...

You know, your Mac posts are proof that you're an excellent teacher ;)

The Criticizer said...

Absolutely the contrary; that shows how much a techie (techno! *giggles*) geek I am. If I was an excellent teacher I would've been posting about my own profession rather than being a total tech nerd.

*feels bad for himself* :(

Elijah said...

I hope you were dancing when you wrote that!! 8{

Ya you got me upset again, yes you're right you are a terrible teacher and a total nerd. Get a life!! ;)

Hussain said...

criticizer: so, do you recommend buying "e-GO" or what? cuz am dying to download the latest episodes of lost :P

one more thing, is it good for home network? to what range it can work?

oo malk sho'3ol fehoom; you are not nerd, rather, you are an expert :)

Elijah said...

maci, saaawwwwwyyyyy, was just kidding I shwair soorrrryyyy :(

You know I know you're a suuuupeeer teacher, donchya ;)

The Criticizer said...

Hehe .. What's with the conflict? :P
You know I can never be mad at you. ;P
Besides, you're right, I really should get a life, for once. xD

I don't recommend it but it does the job if you're always on the run, like you don't stay around places with available network.
It doesn't have a range since it's not wireless, it connects through dual USB 2.0 ports. If you want my advice then don't get it for home connectivity, go for something faster and much reliable such as 512KB or 1MB wireless DSL connections.

Thank you my friend. I'm glad people see me that way. ;)

Speedi said...

I just pought one and they asked me to download the drivers and the guide from mtc's website, which I did and it was very clear. I checked the link you provided for the drivers, it is not the same one as the one in mtc's website.
Still the speed is not up to standard, and when I called 107 and asked about the promised 3.6 Mb they said that the network support up to 1.8 Mb now and it will be upgraded.
I never reached the 1.8 but I got 850 Kb once.
Any way, it was faster in our camp (north of Kuwait) than it is in Kuwait city.

kamal said...


I wana just know what is the technology used in eGO I mean DSL ??Wimax ?? GPRS??...

The Criticizer said...

kamal: HSDPA.

Abdulaziz said...

this is a breath-taking post,
but can you please tell me what is the PPS, or in other words, where can I get it?

The Criticizer said...

Hey Abdulaziz
I'm glad to know you find this post interesting. I have added an update link to the newest topic regarding the new eGO.

Regarding PPS, you can get it by contacting Zain customer support.

Good luck.

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