Monday, February 26, 2007

Black iMac on the way?

Rumors say there will be a Black 24" iMac release soon.
Now I know which Mac I'm going to have next.
This one will suit my room very Very well.
More info: [source][via]


Hussain said...

WOW! it's just great. And yeah dude, this Black iMac 7aaaadaaaaaaaah mashi m3a your room, even the background of the desktop mashi m3a el 7ofah :P

hussain said...

el 7ofah = el 6ofah :P

B said...

It's about time! I was just recently thinking of buying an iMac and was hesistant interms of what apple's next surprise product will be. As it is, i have this bad luck with them, the day i buy an apple product, something new comes out the next day or week! So thanks for the heads up! =)

KJ said...

*gets a hard on*
*is 13 all over again*

sweetd said...

u really r a MACAHOLIC:P..loool i love windows too much

The Criticizer said...

Yep, hence I mentioned that. ;)
I will consider one if it's for real.

You're welcome.

Hehe. :P

Switch! Trust me!

sweetd said...

hmmm maybe in the future:) hehe but i dont like change... only if they have a pink computer;)

BLaSha said...

If i eva got that job at KOC, im gonna get one for work :D

BLaSha said...

I wanna see yer room :/

The Criticizer said...

Here you go: [link]

Seems like you missed the whole
"Operation Redecoration". :/
Here... [link], click on the numbers to see the pics.
And enshallah you get that job.

Kinan said...

Black is soooo very elegant!

I like it better than the white Mac, very classy.

Keep us posted :)

The Criticizer said...

Will do.

Elijah said...

I disappear for a week and this is what I get???!!!! MAC MAC MAC! Do I have to keep an eye on you to behave xD j/k

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, I took to the opportunity to post about Mac as much as I can while you're away.

Good to see you back! =D

BLaSha said...

No wonder i miss it... i wasnt checking out blogs around that time :)

cool room, i love it

The Criticizer said...

n/p & Thank you. ;)

BLaSha said...

most welcome, and since u got a good taste, can i invite you to redecorate my room? :D

Will said...

That's going to be my next computer.

The Criticizer said...

Good taste?
Thanks, I'm flattered!
My mom calls it The Mortuary! xD
I'd be honored to help out but if it involves pink then I'm afraid I won't help. :P

Great choice. :)

BLaSha said...

*gives him the look*
shfeeh el pink, ha? shfeeeeeeeeeh!!

get an imac, i'll paint it pink when ya not lookin >:)

The Criticizer said...

No way! I hate pink, sorry. xD