Monday, February 12, 2007

Al-Ghanim Sucks

Yes, Al-Ghanim sucks. Now in similar situations the curse gets generalized to stand from one representative to include the whole family although it's meant for something else. As in this one for example it's meant to stand for Al-Ghanim Motor Company (by the way it should be Al-Ghanim Motor Reseller/Retailer).

I don't know how in hell Al-Ghanim or any other automotive reseller here in Kuwait agree to name his company over his name. People don't curse their car maker, people curse their car dealer! I know I do. Their services stand for their reputation and when those services aren't good their reputation go down with it as well.

Anyways, I don't have to explain my point further more. The reason behind this post is that I have finally repaired my brake lights. They had been broken since November '06. I got this brake light for 37KD when it costs 19KD online but guess what? Since our fellow dealer is an exclusive dealer no one can import his brands' auto accessories from abroad without his permission, not even individuals.

I'll end it right here with these pics:-

- Before -

- Fresh out of the box -

- After -


BLaSha said...

I neva got anything from alghanim, thank god. i neva liked em anyways, i think all their products are nuthin but junk.

Kinan said...

Have you heard about Amghara?!

Howahkan said...

Dude..i feel your pain...I took my car once to Al ghanim garage for some check up and i swear my car left the dealership with more problems than when I took it in!! My car hasn't been the same since:( It still needs some fixing

Elijah said...


Ms Loala said...

Although i can't see the pictures but i do believe you.
I've heared that their service sucks really bad, they sell you dirty cars (cigs left in the car, can you believe it!) full of dirt and dust and sometimes a broken dashboard.
I think you should go to shaikh or something, you're running out of luck these days ;p

Misguided said...

Yo, I know this is totally not related but I thought you might be interested in this... after all the fuss over menufela.. this should be liberating

The Criticizer said...

Unfortunately all our needs lead us there. :/

I did and I went there but I couldn't find right-side brake light, all I found are left-side.

Exactly. I paid 300KD for service, 200KD for the gear yet nothing made it as good. I should consider getting rid of it. :/

I'm happy whenever I see your comments even if they don't make sense. ;P

ms loala:
The pics are of my rear brake light being replaced with a new one, nothing special.
Luck was never on my side. I might get rid of the car soon before it wrecks up on me. :/

Thanks! AnonyshYt would die if he saw this. :P

Elijah said...

Lol Mac that really made my day :D

I can't explain in writing what my comment means, but it's an expression I learned from my brother when he's dissatisfied with someone or sthg. It's like eeh those stuck up b@stards (cuz they charge so much) xD

Kinan said...

It's interesting that you were only be able to find left-side lights intact!?!!

Makes you kinda wonder...


KJ said...

Monopoly at its best my friend.

The Criticizer said...

lol! Now I got that expression, thanks for explaining. ;)

One of two things, either they're all sold or all accidents on the right-side! Confusing indeed. :/


Hussain said...

almost all the companies are acting the same way. and they all suck in what they are doing. Welcome to Kuwait bro!

Sorry bcuz i'm "dash 3arth"; but macaholic, since you have some experience in ordering stuff from the net, i want you to help me with ordering stethoscope from Dude, 2 are left only! can you help?

sorry for being pain in the ***, but you are like Dr. Phil of Information Technology for me! :)

Hussain said...

for me = to me

badliat even in english! :P

The Criticizer said...

Sure, I'll be glad to help you out.

Add me to your MSN contacts:

Just wondering though, why buy a stethoscope from amazon? Can't you find any out here?

hussain said...

LOL! i don't have e-mail from Hotmail. but i do have one from yahoo

well, am looking for something COOL :)

i found one with light size, and nice color!

The Criticizer said...

Ok, just in case I don't see you online soon, give me a direct link to what you want to order form amazon.

Elijah said...

We all know your email na na nana na *tongue out* xD

The Criticizer said...

Busted! hehe xD

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

i lost a lot of money with them......remember the temperature prob I had? everytime they said they fixed it...and it will only take 10 minutes for me to return it to them with an angry face as the car will simply stop as the temperature will reach max!!!

Brava Valentia said...

my sister and i both bought cars at the same time...she bought hers from al ghanim and i bought mine from alsayer (notice that her car is much more expensive than mine)
alsayer gave me 4 high quality leather travelling bags with trollys while alghanim game my sister one cheap hand bag that has their name on it in CAPS and a head cap!!! lol

The Criticizer said...

That sucks. All american cars aren't reliable in our weather. I wonder when they're going to do anything about it. :/

brava valenta:
See now that's another -1 for Al-Ghanim.