Saturday, February 24, 2007

13 vs. 1

It takes 13 versions of OS X replica, aka Windows Vista, to tag along with one version of OS X still they can't take it down.


BLaSha said...

malat 3ala bill gates... inzain, so2al.. how can i format a flash memory or remove a file from it? :/

hussain said...



Long live Apple!

adry eny dash 3arth! bs i think you just have to delete the file; the same way you delete it from the desktop or any other locations!

flash memory is just like a mini external hardesk; you can delete, copy, paste or move any file in the same familiar steps that you do it in an internal hardesk!

and that question concerning "formating the flash":


KwAm said...

yesterday i've checked in your blog it's nice and u made me insist to buy MAC
u know that Vista's interface is stolen from MAC

(please, can u recommend me a store that sells MAC) or maybe I'll order one from outside kw

Hussain said...

On behalf of MacaholiQ8, i highly recommend buying any apple/mac stuff from zmacshop ( It's located at Hawally - Walaa Complex.


You can buy from, and you can print the arabic letters over the keyboard from Mac & More, which is located at Marina Mall.

Both of them sells their products in really really really reasonable prices!

KJ said...

I know this is so stupid. Microsoft is like a group of people who just can't make a decision on how to approach the consumers so they just make all possible combinations.

Nonaw said...



Still Much Love To Windows<3

The Criticizer said...

To format a flash memory go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
Choose your flash drive from the list of connected drives on the left side of the window, click on "Erase" tab, then choose Erase.
NOTE: You MUST choose "MS-DOS FILE SYSTEM" as your Volume Format otherwise you won't be able to use this flash on other PCs.

Funny indeed. Thanks for helping me out here. ;)

You're doing the right thing by converting, and now that you can run windows as a partition, you can have the best of both worlds, Mac & PC.
hussain explained everything well, however there's a small point if you're willing to get arabic fonts on your keyboard (if not then don't bother with this)... Do not get printed letters, they will get wiped out within few months. [link]. Insist on getting genuine arabic keyboard/buttons.

That's a cheap way to get more money out of them techie freaks, they would probably want a whole collection. :/

Much love? I'll rephrase that for you. "MUCH DISRESPECT TO WINDOWS". There... :P

Anonymous said...

Chinik wayed 6abait fehum ?
Hey tara im a "Windows" user and i like it @@

BLaSha said...

Hussain, i tried to jus delete them, it didnt work!!! and The Criticizer, thank u dear :*

The Criticizer said...

You have no idea what you're missing. Switch!


Hussain said...

you're welcome buddy! that's my job

Anonymous said...

Embala .. Tried millions of macs :p
Min Blu|grey, to cuzins, to friends .. O lel7een i didnt find anything SO shisma .. except for Some Mac programmes Like the moviemaker and such

The Criticizer said...


kayfich. And what's with the "Shisma"? xD

kwam said...

hussain, the criticizer:
Thanku guys for your response :)

The Criticizer said...


Anonymous said...

I couldnt find the word ;P
Place whatever u want Lol!
"Positive word"

The Criticizer said...

Ok, I'll just shisma it with a shisma word. xD

Kinan said...

It's just sick you know! How crazy and stupid does Microsoft think we are!?!?!?

I got a copy of Vista Ultimate and installed it on my laptop at home just to see what the fuss is all about! Man it sucks big time...

EVERYTHING is stolen. The Mac interface, the google indexing, the google desktop widget technology... you name it, they stole it.

I hate them.

The Criticizer said...

"EVERYTHING is stolen."
Bless you for saying it out loud.

Switch! :P

Elijah said...

Ok ok we get the picture, just give us time to switch, we can't do it over night u know. ;P

moocherx said...

that's sooooooooooo mac biased. Yeah there might be a few versions of Vista, but Mac brings out a new operating system every 5 minutes. soon Apple will run out of animals to name their OS after, and the next release will be OS X.999 codename "turkey"

Kinan said...

I would if I could afford one :(

See the down side of Macs is they are too damn expensive.

The Criticizer said...

You have 30 days to switch. :P

How come? Windows got a complete overhaul while OS X is still on its fifth edition. OS X 10 has been the only OS version out there for quite a long time now, besides OS X 10.5 Leopard is just an improved version of the same OS.

I know you're just jealous you don't get to work on OS X instead you have to be stuck with a replica... I forgive you. :P

They're not way overpriced if you compare the prices from abroad. Order one from the US.

Elijah said...

Ok from what kinan said about the price, you're paying if you want us to switch that bad :)

The Criticizer said...

I will but that will cost you both double the interest. :P

Switch for your own good, not for me.