Friday, February 23, 2007


If you're a shortcut junkie, like me, you will praise this nifty application. KeyCue lists almost all shortcuts of the active application you're running with one click of a button. Just hold down "Command" button for a short period (can be adjusted) and this window will pop up listing every shortcut you need to know.

UPDATE: " Q: How do I uninstall KeyCue? "

To uninstall KeyCue, perform these steps:
  1. Open the KeyCue settings window
  2. In "Activation", turn "Automatically start at login" off
  3. Click the Quit button in the bottom left corner
  4. Delete the KeyCue application

KeyCue versions before 2.0 installed a scripting extension in Library/ScriptingAdditions within your home folder. The name of this scripting extension starts with "KeyCue". If you will no longer use KeyCue, you can delete this scripting extension as well.
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Intlxpatr said...

I miss the days when aps like that were shareware!

Love the visitor location map at the bottom. Tres cool.

BLaSha said...

there are alot of stuff i still need to figure out with my mac, waaa, like last night i figured out to to "click" on the trackpad instead of using the button! it was too late, i got used to the button!!!!!!

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, some necessary apps. should be standard on all machines.
& Thank you, glad you like it. ;)

Hehe, you'll get used to it eventually. I got used to hidden dock on the right side. I cannot work if the dock was anywhere else or not hidden. :/

BLaSha said...

I had the dock on ma pc, so im pretty much used to it... now i wanna learn all about photoshop :P

The Criticizer said...

Photoshop is easy if you have the will and time to learn.

Take some courses.

BLaSha said...

i learned french without courses, i can learn anythin i want if i put my heart in it :P

The Criticizer said...

That's a good thing, isn't it? ;P

BLaSha said...

yea :D

Elijah said...

Hello :)

The Criticizer said...


So glad to see your comment(s). =)

Elijah said...

Thank you for the 'Welcome back' partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

The Criticizer said...

No probs. :D

Jeff said...

I've tried this Keycue but it's too annoying, and I can't delete it now. After tech help gave me instructions it's still on my desktop whenever I type the command, shift etc keys...with that annoying typewriter sound effect. Does anyone know a workaround to delete this product?


The Criticizer said...

Post has been updated on how to remove it. Hope this helps.