Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last Tag + Promotion

Tagged by Ms Loala.
This is the last tag I'll be doing.

Ten Things you don't know about me:
  1. I can barely speak as good as I write in English. (lack of practice?)
  2. My eye sight is 6/6 with my right eye and 5/6 with my left eye.
  3. I had the opportunity to become an officer but I was discharged within the first few weeks.
  4. I studied at Kuwait University for one semester then I transferred to CBE.
  5. I have jabbed my sister with broken scissors when I was at sixth grade. Nothing bad happened.
  6. I've never been to the Scientific Center till this day.
  7. So far I have shot and killed 17 rats.
  8. I have never had a car accident, been in one but I wasn't the one driving. (thikro allah)
  9. I always drive with my seatbelt on.
  10. I was a moderator at

There... no more tags!

Promotion: Why you should read for Ms Loala:-
  • She's a new blogger. (almost :P)
  • She's very informative.
  • Soon she'll become a Mac user, hopefully! ;P
  • She's a vector artist!
  • She's Fun!
  • Because I say so.
    Now you ought to comment on her blog.
Added By elijah:-
  • She's Cooool.
  • She likes English Literature.
  • She likes JAMES BLUNT, so how can you not like her?

I hope I don't get beaten up for this! xP


Elijah said...

I was dreading scrolling down that I might see my name in the tags ;P Thaaaaaaaank uuuuuu for not tagging me!

Why the hell did u do that to ur poor sis? Is that why you gave her the Acer laptop, trying to make up for it xD

I always read her blog and I even emailed a post to some friends ;) I'm gonna add these

She's Cooool.
She likes English Literature
She likes JAMES BLUNT, so how can you not like her ;)

Ms Loala said...

8, good for you .. i think it's better to teach 3agad brats than deal with 3agad "older" brats ;p

9, mashalla "knocks on wood"

And what's up with the promotion thingy? are you bribing to not tag you anymore? xp
But thank you so much, that was sweet of you.

elijah, too bad i did it first ;p

BLaSha said...

you murderer x(

Anonymous said...


Me too :P
Although im a crazy driver oo ma7i6 my seatbelt on .heheheheh

The Criticizer said...

Hehe, see I didn't want to tag you but you got tagged eventually. :P
My sister wasn't so poor, she threw it at me at first place. Tyrants must be punished. xD

ms loala:
What 3agad brats? *confused*
No prob, you deserve the free advertising. ;P

If I showed you what I have killed you would've definitely agreed on killing them.

Reckless. No Fiorano for you. :P

Anonymous said...

Mabi Fiorano.
Abe 612! ;P

Ms Loala said...

At school.

BLaSha said...

No, i dun wanna see :'(

The Criticizer said...

Haaammmmm mako! =P

ms loala:
Yeah I know but what does that have to do with #8. I'm still stumped! :/

Good. Then don't accuse me till you see them. ;p

KJ said...

Jabbing your siblings with sharp objects would only lead to happiness. I understand your interpretation of nothing bad happening. It is all good ;)

The Criticizer said...

LOL! True! xD