Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hot or Not? | Voting Closed

Please vote to end a huge dissension. Your vote will make a difference to end one of the most heated disputes I've ever been through.

Voting ended.

Out of politeness, check out the CAN campaign if you're interested. [link]


sweetd said...

i see this everywhere what is it?!

Vodka said...

I like her dimples

Elijah said...

Not my type ;)

LaiaLy_q8 said...


moocherx said...

nice apple.

Fonzy said...

i voted yes... she is hot!

Kinan said...

I think I know her!

bored said...

lol an ad for healthy living and all we can do is discuss if she's hot or not, and my vote says nope ;p

Ms Loala said...

My god criticizer what if her bro\cousin was a blogger ? *goes to bring popcorn* xp

-- I don't say she's hot, but her simple and prudish look makes her attractive.

cixousianpanic said...

yes, she's attractive - pretty eyes.. I dont think i will eat right though because of this ad.. i dont like apples i prefer oranges.

Zed said...

i didnt even notice the add.. just click NO.... if you want my attention... put a pick of Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Yamilla Diaz, Anna Kournikova .. the list goes on and on and on and on and on

BLaSha said...

She looks like a nice lady :P

Zed said...


The Criticizer said...

Cancer ads. from CAN Campaign.


I'm not asking you to date her, just say if she's attractive or not. :P



Ok. however Hot is not the term I'm looking for, is she "attractive" as in appealing and pleasant?

Good, let her check her ratings. :P

I guess your username describes what this is all about. :P

ms loala:
If her bro/cousin minds then I guess they wouldn't have let her put her pictures everywhere at first place. She's on all road ads and on every magazine! Besides, if she wasn't a pleasant face they wouldn't have chosen her to do the ads. And I don't think she would mind anyways cuz so far people think she's attractive and that should boost her self-esteem. ;P

I like apples but I prefer the red ones.

LOL! Dream on! ;)
She's not, you need some optics.

Ok. :P

Ms Loala said...

I think you shoud get married soon xp

Hussain said...

Aaaaa5eeeaaaaaaah she's damn hot! this is my type :P

fdaaaait el cancer wallah :P Abeeeeeehaaaaaaa Macaholic ;P

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Should I? hehe .. Well, I'm willing but not yet. :P

LOL! That's what I'm talking about. :P
How have you been man? Glad to see you around once again. :D

Honey™ said...

you got to be kidding me !!!!!!

God she is UGLY

The Criticizer said...

A well respected point of view, but according to voting results she is attractive.