Saturday, February 03, 2007

So Much For Two Hours @ Marina Mall

The following scenes have been caught between 9 to 11pm today, Friday 2/2/2007, at Marina Mall.

1) What you're looking at right here is a towing truck owned by Agility Logistics (formerly known as PWC Logistics) parked at Marina Crescent parking lot near the basketball court. The guy wearing the white shirt (Philippino guy) on the pic is the driver and guess what? He had just finished playing basketball. The funny thing is that there were TWO TRUCKS taking 6 parking spaces. So much for logistics.

2) A common scene at Marina Mall on weekends. These retards parked their cars over the pavement/grass. They're not the first and definitely not the last retards we'll see around parking like that.

3) Now this is a genuine 3gaidi (singular, def.) Ricer. With Japans flag on his sunroof, pink license plate with "Hot Girl" sign on his dashboard, teddy bear hugging a 1 meter radius RPM gauge, cheap looking rims, and plastic sideskirt, this guy could use a Rolls Royes Pegasus on his overworked car. Pathetic.

4) Range Rover Sport with Saudi plates cutting through traffic and parked in the middle of the intersection. Why? Because he wants to take a U-turn. He comes and pulls this sh!t out in our country like we don't already have enough retards! I guess these road rules work for all GCC countries.

5) Something I couldn't take a picture of. Someone threw firecrackers near our table when we were sitting at Tche Tche. A very civilized thing he did, I know. Probably one of those gel-abusive brats. The little b@stard slipped away without getting beaten up.

From now on Marina Mall visits are set to be in the morning, on school days, and by taxi.
-- sorry for the poor quality images --


Anonymous said...

Why Taxi? ;P


moocherx said...

Parking the trucks thing is HILARIOUS. It would've really pissed me off. However, I'm one of the people who parks on the raised paving in car parks like Marina's when there are no other spaces. I don't see what else I can do. But I'm thankful I have a 4x4 to do it with :)

KJ said...

I sometimes park on pavements when I can't find parking :|

Kinan said...

I work for Agility Logistics. This is definitely not the kind of advertising we need!!!

Will said...

You can still go to marina on weekends, just not after the sun goes down.

Well parking on the pavement isn't such a big deal. But never seen someone parked on the grass though :\

Ms Loala said...

I swear i got to curse more ever since i started driving for seeing those uncivilized creatures =\ it's just irritating to see people double park or take a U turn all the way from the right .. That's just soo .... @#$#&$%$$%#&
"don't get me started".
I once had an accident simply because the girl chose to take a U turn just like that range guy *wayed 3laih el colt 7ata*

Zed said...

i'm kinda surprised your are from Kuwait and you are complaining about the simple things yu saw... i've been in kuwait for 2 years and i've seen much much worse... to the point that if i saw what you saw, i would'nt even notice it... 3addiii

The Criticizer said...

So I don't have to look for parking. :P

It did piss me off. Don't they have some cargo to tow? And of all people you park like that? That's so disappointing, mooch. :(

tsk tsk!

Tell someone who's in charge to take action, otherwise I will blackmail Agility! :P

It still sucks on weekends.
Not a big deal? Since when did that become a deal in kuwait? It's a moral "uncivilcity" (if that's even a word). :/

ms loala:
God bless you sis. That's the reply I was expecting. One day we'll get rid of them all. :|

See now that's a BIG problem. We disregard these things allowing more oversteps to our fragile law. We need to end this mess, seriously!

sweetd said...

lol! Marina is a great place! i love it soooo much:P bs Allah khaleeey ilnas... people park like idoits..walah mara wa7id mayisti7y 3ala wayha speeded in the parking lot and bumped into the corner front part of my lovely tony:(.. ba6 chebdy! tawa kan im6ali3 licence oo i stopped bs he doesnt know how to drive ooo came towards me! i prefer not driving my car anywhere becuz of these idiots...

b3dain we r in kuwait whats new:P

sweetd said...

u shud see souq sharq!!! offf a poilice officer can fill his whole book of mukhalifat ib the weekend in one day!...

Elijah said...

LOL I'm with zed, everything I see on the streets has become normal to me. I rarely curse, swear or get upset while I'm driving, unless I'm already in a sh!tty mood ;)

Kinan said...

No one listens to me here :(

I am a very sad person at work

The Criticizer said...

SouQ SharQ has become the ultimate 3agad headquarters, what do you expect? It really saddens me to see such disgraceful acts. :(

See, you're starting to overlook their shameless acts and that is what they want. We should straighten them. :(

Wanna join me in blackmailing them? :P

Kinan said...

oooh oooh! Can I?!


The Criticizer said...

You sure can. 50/50 my friend. :P

Kinan said...


*extends hand*

sweetd said...

:) hehe yeah:P its a shame

The Criticizer said...

*shake hands*

Exactly. :/