Friday, February 09, 2007

Invincible Mac PowerBook

What you're looking at right here is a fully functional Mac PowerBook G4 15" (except the monitor of course). It boots, airport works fine, bluetooth still working; everything seems intact on the inside! [source] [more pictures]

And I thought my PowerBook damage was bad. :/


Loura said...

Lol, is it yours!!

Ms Loala said...

This can't be !! =\

Hussain said...

wait! now am a lil bit afraid! . is that bcuz of personal abuse or something happened to his macbook pro?

Hussain said...

LOL! a7md rabek! I received my laptop(MacBook Pro) from Mac & More ma5fos shway near the apple logo!

Ma adry laish if you persistently asked(7anait) for something, you would get it broken or something bad might happen to it! e.g. the first desktop i bought was intel PIII; however, i received it with intel PII !!!!

then, i bought DELL laptop, but guess what? the screen was not tightly placed; it was badly flexible!

BLaSha said...

:/ shmsawee feeh hatha!!!

Hussain ma radeeta lhom?

The Criticizer said...

Nope, thank god.

ms loala:
Looks like it Can be.

LOL! You're unlucky. :P
I don't know what happened to that PowerBook and I don't wish to know.

Click on the source link and ask him. :/

Elijah said...

Looks to me as if the Mac didn't obey the orders and got a nice bang on the head!
Something I would do ;D

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, sometimes you have to knock the sense out of Windows PCs. :P

Hussain said...

BLaSha: la ma radeeta lhom bcuz i don't want to. i know that will make it even worse than it is right now!

actually, "Al 5afsa :P" is not that obvious and the laptop seems working just fine!

The Criticizer said...

I got my PowerBook with used keyboard buttons. I'm definite they were on another Mac and they've swapped them for me. How do I know? There were dirty finger prints and dust all over the keys only, the whole laptop was shiny and intact. :/

KJ said...

Oh My.

The Criticizer said...

Yes yes. :/