Saturday, February 17, 2007

G&WD | Update #2

Update on my Graphics & Web Design course

  • ICDL course:-
    - Introduction to Information Technology | 10 hours
    - MS Windows XP | 10 hours
    - MS Word 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Excel 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS PowerPoint 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Access 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Outlook 2003 & Internet | 10 hours

  • Starting:-
  • Graphics course:-
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Beginning level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Advanced level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Beginning level | 20 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Advanced level | 20 hours
    - MS Publisher 2003 | 10 hours
    - Adobe InDesign CS2 | 30 hours
    - Macromedia FreeHand MX 2004 | 20 hours
    - 3D Studio Max 7.0/8.0 (3D design) | 40 hours

    LaiaLy_q8 said...

    that is really neat

    you got me thinking about taking such courses when i get home inshalla

    good luck

    Elijah said...

    Way to go Macii, ;)

    70 hours down 200 to go :P

    Sorry, that was wicked but I felt the first part took ages and I noticed you wrote 10 hours next to each one and now stage 2 they're 20 and 30 and 40 aaaaarrrggghhh I never wanna study again.

    Good Luck :)

    Zed said...

    so where do you take these courses??? i don't mind taking a few myself..

    Hussain said...

    High Five Macaholic!

    Is nice, i very excite for you!

    Borat Shagatov from U.S.andA. :P

    Zed said...

    his name is borat sagdiyev... he like sexyytimeeee and his sister is number 4 prostitute in europe.. yesssss.. high fiivveee

    KJ said...

    I really, really wish I take those courses. *sniffles*

    Ms Loala said...

    Way to go mashalla , i'm surprised you found a place that teachs such stuff in Q8, but, keep up the good work and keep us updated ;)

    I wish i have time :'(

    Elijah said...

    click on the link he put!! duh!! hahaha

    Sorry mac I know more about u than u know about yourself, so I took the liberty to reply to Zed haha

    Be nice :)

    Zed said...

    opps.. i never pay attention .. now i'm re-considering my decision.. hehe

    The Criticizer said...

    Thank you. It's a good course but not perfect.

    I never wanna study either but it's all good because I'm studying something I actually like.

    Thanks for replying to Zed and thanks for the good luck wishes. You're "teh" sweetest. ;)

    I was excited when I signed up but now I'm a bit depressed because it's taking a lot of my time and it wasn't as perfect as I expected but over all it's good so far.
    Reconsider? :P

    I hate Borat but thanks anyways. ;P

    Sure you can! Why can't you? There are better courses out there in Dubai you know.

    ms loala:
    Thank you. If you keep working in the banking field then you won't have enough time to take such courses so Quit. :P
    hehe. laa j/k .. Allah ewafgich enshallah and hopefully you'll get a chance to take these courses. ;)

    Kinan said...

    Good luck buddy :D

    SpiKeY said...

    hey are invited to my new blogger project...please visit my blog and join us :)

    The Criticizer said...

    Thanks. ;)

    Will do, thanks.

    Nonaw said...


    Where u taking those classes dude? and how is the atmosphear there, i think i want to take some courses. do you recomand me so? =D

    Nonaw said...

    ooooo i got it i got it .. "TDI" .. i checked the other post =P .. but anywho, do you recomand me so and how is it there? =D

    The Criticizer said...

    I recommend it but so far it's not the ultimate and most perfect course. You'll get out of this one with the basics but nothing to literally improve your skills. The environment is nice, we get to work on Macs (but with sh!tty Win.XP, not OSX) and the class is not so crowded.

    If you're really considering graphics and web design then there's nothing better than AUK's course. Major in graphic design for a college degree.

    Elijah said...

    Hehe ur welcome, see what would u do without me? :P

    The Criticizer said...

    I'd be distraught with nothing to post about other than Mac related topics. :P