Sunday, February 11, 2007

Inadvertent Bargain

Finally, after almost three weeks since formatting it, I got my MAXTOR hard disk replaced under warranty yet I was not expecting this, I got +20GB on the new one! Both are 300GB MAXTOR OneTouch disks but the first one had 279GB of actual capacity while this one has 298GB!

I'm almost certain the retailer didn't know about that otherwise he would've never given it to me.

Words of the day:
Compunctious? No. Advantageous? Yes.
Currently: Ecstatically elated.


LaiaLy_q8 said...

you just reminded me i need to get an external FD -_-


Zed said...

congrats... where'd you get it from?

sweetd said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i GOT THAT ONE ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO:> whats up with the 20 GB missing!?! i dont get it:S:S i bought it cuz i wanna take my laptop to get it fixed:S:S

BLaSha said...

MabrooK, tkasrah bel 3afiya ;)

The Criticizer said...

FD? That's rusty. :/
Thank you.

Wala2 Compelx @ Hawalli.

This is the new 300GB drive, it comes with a 20GB bonus. The retailer said this shipment arrived a couple of days ago.
I guess you're unlucky. :/

Thank you. Hopefully I won't face the same problem like the one I replaced.

Ms Loala said...

congratulations.. but why do you need an external hard drive? mac isn't enough? xp

The Criticizer said...

My Mac has a 60GB drive. :/

The main reason I got this drive is to prepare for Time Machine. And I've been downloading movies and Mac applications on it as well.

KJ said...

I will never use Maxtor even if they give it to me for free. I really recommend you just get a normal internal HDD and connect it to your station using an IDE to USB converter.

The Criticizer said...

I chose Maxtor because it has one button backup. What I really wanted was LaCie HDD but it's damn expensive.

sweetd said...

NOOOOOOOO ive gotthe one with 20GB extra:S but its missing! ishfeeek:P im teling u i just got the same one:P:P:P... i dont understand computers:P

The Criticizer said...

All hard disks have some data space loss out of it's fully capacity, the more the capacity is the more the data space loss is. I don't have an answer to why it happens. :/

sweetd said...

never mind:S.. may tried to explain about the stuff missing becuz it has programs madry shino:P bs i didnt really get it so :P

The Criticizer said...

lol, it's ok. xD