Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sony α A100H dSLR

Finally it has arrived! I've been itching to get one since last year but a lot of stuff came up and I couldn't buy it back then so now here it is; the mighty Sony Alpha dSLR with SAL18200 high zoom lens (A100H kit).

"One of the nice things that I love about this camera is the fact that it has a vibration reduction system built inside the camera itself. This means when you want to expand your lens selection, you don't have to debate about buying VR (vibration reduction) or non-VR lenses. All lenses automatically become VR.

Another good thing is that it supports almost all the Minolta lenses - and there are quiet a good selection of them available. And because Minolta has been taken over by Sony, there are plenty of Minolta lenses that you can buy for a very good price." --Cajie

Now if you have seen Cajie's flickr you know for sure that his words can be taken for granted. Therefore his quick review made me more confident to buy this camera.

I was looking for a start in the photography field but most other dSLRs with +10mp are very expensive compared to this one (309KD including lens and shipping). Still trying to get used to its functions. I'll review it whenever possible.

That's it for now. Goodbye Lumix & welcome Alpha.


Anonymous said...


by the way, the map you have down there is completely wrong about where i am :p

Financy said...

Q .. Question .. why didnt u buy the Canon Rebel Xti .. or 400D .. and chose the sony ?

and i still have the Lumix 6mp .. great great great camera

KJ said...

Hmmm... I was thinking of getting the Canon 400D. Anyway, mabrook... if you're into photography you can check out or visit my page there, and check out my gallery :)

Anonymous said...


take some shots and let us see the the pics ;P

Ge0 said...


Missy said...

yeey now that's a pro cam! but why didnt u get the Canon 400D? I use sony too. I like it but I regret not buying a canon :\

snookie said...



*how come lately i've been wanting to switch lives with you? lol

snookie said...

WUPS!!! just realized! i had another blogger in mind when i said that last line :P

*fashla.. sorry :P

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. Don't mind the map, it goes stupid sometimes. Like now I'm somewhere in Europe. :P

A .. Answer .. Canon is more professional and much more expensive. I was looking for something that's good for a start with the least costs. Hence Sony became my choice. ;)

Funny you made it sound like no one knows about deviantart. :P
I've been to your gallery a lot of times and honestly I admire your photography. Keep up the great work. :)

enshalla soon. ;)

Thank you!

Same thing said to financy; I wasn't going professional, the Sony performs nicely for someone who's looking for a start, and it's more cheaper than the canon.

LOL! That's ok, I'll take that as an indirect compliment so thanks. ;P

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see ur creativity with taking pictures;P

PS: Mabrook ;P

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

okay! granted. you can take my pictures from now onwards. I was too hesitant to let you snap me bcoz the camera was not good enough! now thats its solved, lets gets the the best creativity and good angles out from you!

Ms Loala said...

wow congratulations.
I can see the creativity coming now start snapping :p

Financy said...

Dude ..

i bought my Canon Rebel xti with that lens for 588$ dollars

yours is much more expensive
890$ dollars

Elijah said...


pick me pick me :)

Yalla we want pics post them, we have to see if ur talented or not.

I'm sure u are bas yalla post...


sweetd said...

aww...very nice mabrook:) i luvvvv carmeras! 3ad when u take pics;) show us!

The Criticizer said...

Creativity, yeah, I'm gonna work on that. Thanks. :P

lol .. ok but each session will cost a lil' bit over 100KD. :P

ms loala:
Creativity is still in the oven and needs to hold up a bit. ;P

10mp and inbuilt stabilizer gives alpha the upper hand. ;)

hehe .. Talent is yet to come. I'll post some whenever possible. Thanks. ;)

Will do. thanks. ;)