Wednesday, May 09, 2007

An Unplanned "Wasta"

In relation to my last entry about MOE*, I found a solution that should keep me away from that aggravating task.

Last year I had an injury in both hands. I went to a lot of doctors but all they did was recommending various pain killers (pills, waxes, wrist support gloves...etc.) but none did me any good and the injury kept getting worse until I had to take several cortisone shots to cure it.

Before that I was asked to do MRI to stand on what could be the problem. Oddly enough, I was diagnosed with something else before they found out that what I had is nothing but a common tendon syndrome called "DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis"*; the MRI report stated the following...

Report observation:-
  • There's reduced T2 signal intensity of C3/C4 disc suggestive of early degenerative changes.
  • There's subtle disc osteophyte complex at C3/C4 indenting the anterior CSF space.
  • C4/C5 level shows small posterolateral osteophyte cuasing mild focal narrowing of the neural foramina on the right.

  • I'm not a radiologist but with a little "wikipeding" I understand that I do have back disc although I was there for my hands. However, this can be my safe ticket to stay away from that examination committee!

    Wish me luck.


    Hasan.B said...

    wa roba tharatin nafi3a!! gluck

    eshda3wa said...

    matshoof shar inshallah

    and goodluck

    Ms Loala said...

    I don't wanna say this is a good was6a since it involves some kind of injury but what can you do? make the best of it :)

    Hamza said...

    wow..that examination committee must be pretty annoying if it freaks you more than the fact that you have a back disc..

    Good luck

    KJ said...

    Salamat man and bel tawfee2 :)

    Ge0 said...

    I hear you all the way. I was assigned as a supervisor for Grade10 Students and, hell, they destroyed my brain cells. after 4 days of being a supervisor, I rejected this assignment. hell with them, hell with the administration and hell with anyone else in that school. I am leaving to another job in the summer, why the hell should I do anything to the administration?
    btw, good luck

    ReKoO said...

    matshoof shar!

    i hope it works with you this time :D

    Missy said...

    GoodLuck!! :D

    I need help using mac, do u know how to close the laptop (close not shutdown) without it going on standby? y3nee i want to close it and when i open it again my stuffz r still there n working! like msn is not signed out, downloads arent paused..etc :P

    Elijah said...

    I commented 3 times, damn internet.

    *goes to check her back*

    and I thought discs were a bad thing :P

    The Criticizer said...

    Thanks all.

    ms loala:
    True. It's all good as long as I can get some use out of it.

    You have no idea. ;P

    ge0: Lucky you have the chance to get out of it but for someone like me with PE degree I don't have anywhere else to go therefore I'm stuck with this sh!tty job for life. :(
    Thank you and good luck to you too.

    Honestly I have no idea if it's possible. Sorry. :/

    They are bad but they're also easy to cure nowadays so I'm not worried.

    Missy said...

    it's possible on windows:P

    The Criticizer said...

    Then be my guest and switch back to windows. :P