Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've killed a Hen

Not really, but I've broken some eggs. And why would I do that?

Because I got a new car! It's not that I believe in such stuff though it wouldn't harm anybody to break four eggs under the wheels now would it?

Now until I get pictures of the car I'll keep it open for you to guess so start guessing! :P

Hint: Not an American car.


Me7sin said...

if european = German

if Jap = Mazda Rx8? :$

otherwise, tell us if its an suv or otherwise?

congrats anyway ;P

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is ..Mabwook ;P
oo b3dain SHAKO eggs??
Nas igooloon Kharoof oo nas Eggs?
I have a suggestion for you .. How about a Cat? I'd be glad to kill one for you ;P

EniGma said...

ya36eeek khairha oo yakfeek sharhaaa :D:D:D

hmmm.. BMW? XD

KJ said...

Alf mabrook!

And don't worry about the chicken. They're dumb things anyway!

EniGma said...

hahaha yaaaa let's all kill cats!! If every person kills at least one cat, then we would get rid of them :D

I hit a cat once.. I think twice, but I couldn't tell I was driving a land cruiser lol

Ms Loala said...

Oh come on tell us what it is...

Concerning your career and place of career id say any type of infinity, morano or an X5 ;p

oo mabroook, ya36eek khairha oo yekafek sharha inshalla ;)

Anonymous said...


i bet it's Lexus GS 300/430 ;P

Hasan.B said...

Mabrok, Etkasirha bel 3afya inshala!:D

BLaSha said...

Congrats, whateva it is, what counts is that yer happy about it :)

Amola said...

mabrook ^.^

is it Aoudi?

Aldenya said...

Congratulations, and I think it is ford_explor :]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Enigma - 3ala rasee ;$ HEHE

snookie said...

3al baraka!

BMW 3 series?

or a7m a7m.. porsche?? :P

Hamza said...


I know I'll never guess it, but I'll mention something that the others didn'

EniGma said...

MAAAAAAAAAC give us another hint!

I have a feeling it's a BMW. Either the new X5 or the BMW 630

I (heart) BMW!

Anonymous said...



il3ameed said...

3al baraka o5ooy!!
ya36eek 5airha wikafeek sharha!!
basher.. shino ihya? :p
ana agool BMW 3 series coupe..

im waiting...
tell me :p

EniGma said...

Changed my mind, not the 6. X5 or 3 cuz they're both new ;p

Cixousian Panic said...

mabrook :D

ee yes pictures!

Elijah said...

OMG I got a new car last week too :)

Porsche? if not then we deprive you of the title "Porscher"!!

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. I was considering the RX8 but the fag dealer won't give warranty for it.

Thanks. Not a Porsche though it's considered to be a poor man's Porsche. :P
Sacrificing a cat, hmmm.. that sounds fun but I bet it would bring more bad luck! :P

allah esalmich.. not a beamer though I wish it was. :P

LOL! Thanks mate :D

ms loala:
LOL @ "Concerning your career and place of career" xD
No, neither of those. Thank you.

GS was an option but no, not a Lexus. Thanks. ;)

Thanks. Hope I don't. :P

Thank you. ;)

Thanks. I wish it was but no, not an Audi. :P

Thanks. I had an SUV and didn't want to get one so no, not an Explorer. ;)

Thanks. Neither. :P

Thanks. I despise volvo! :P

Bwhahaha!!!!! xD
No, Phantom actually. Custom made one that is.
Yeah, right. :P

Hala bil 7abeeeeeb! Welcome to mah blog. Allah ebarik feek. Not a beamer though. ;P

cixousian panic:
Thanks... they're on the way. ;)

Whoohoooo!!! Either a free ride or kilo knafeh. NOW! :P
Nope, not a porsche. ;P

Anonymous said...


yes yes .. im still waiting lol

il3ameed said...

PORSCHER, u cant believe how much i love ur blog :p
hehe.. ag3ad agraa 15 mara bil youm oo ma amil :p
thanks 3ala il posts oo mabrook again :)