Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look at me, I'm an attention b@stard!

Yesterday I was driving back home from Salmiya and on my way near Shi3ib club stoplight there was an old Suburban, whoever drives near it stops for a while then starts to wave and leave until one car stopped and the guys inside came out of their car and started dancing while pointing and laughing their heads off at the Suburban. It was odd and we were curious to find out what's in the Suburban so I got closer to it and guess what we saw? An old guy (mid 40s) is playing Bagpipe (Habban) in the car while driving! The scene was extremely hilarious!

My friend had seen him before, he said this guy has been cruising around playing that instrument for quite a while now so don't get shocked when you see him next to you in Gulf Road.

The funny thing is, despite his lame way of attracting attention, he plays very well with that stupid instrument. It really amazes me what people do to attract attention. Some go as far as humiliating themselves.

PS for Moocherx:
Can't view your blog. What's wrong?


uTMoST said...

yaksron kha6re elnas eli chethe sara7a! bs i would love to see him so i can laugh a little!;P

Bojacob said...

I think they call them entertainers :) I, for one, would love to see his habban skills!

I wouldn't think he's humiliating himself really. I guess it's just what makes him tick heh.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, yesterday my cousin came from USA after 7 yrs of studying; we brought someone to play "haban" in my grandba's home as a welcome back gift ;P

9ij 3ayam mako faydah :D

Ms Loala said...

You should pay him next time :p

That's really sad. A 40 year old man dancing in the car! i wonder what's the reason ...

Intlxpatr said...

I've been looking for Moocherx, too, Mac. I think he got hacked and burned.

KJ said...

*hehehe... my plot to turn Kuwait into Scots is beginning to work bwahahaha*

Elijah said...

LOL madness

I think u have to sign in with a wordpress account to get to moocherx's blog.

I tried that's the note it gave me.

moocherx said...

sorry guys... I am being incognito for a while... maybe June 1st I'll unblock - I'm not adding any posts at the moment, so you're not really missing anything.

anyway - about this bagpipe-playing guy.

What a TW*T... so he crashes into someone because he's not paying attention to his driving? It's like these retards who have DVD players on their dashboard so THEY can watch tv while driving - I say drive them out into the desert and shoot them against the nearest telegraph pole.

But then... I'm not very tolerant of stupidity :-)

Anonymous said...

al7een hatha sar attention freak?
Talk about the people who shake their cars dancing @_@ *barf*

NoNoWa said...

I like Habban, but I dont know if I want to see someone doing that in a Suburban!!!
Meskeen- ma 3nda anything else to do!!
I totally think I wud LMAO and then drive away before he hits my car :P

Ms Loala said...

This is off topic i know but i didn't find anywhere else to say this, you don't have a chat box to there you go :p
I'm looking at new blogger templates and came across this one, i think it suits you more than this one since you're a macaholic ;)


The Criticizer said...

It was hilarious. Works for a giggle, nothing more.

Maybe, but then he's pulling uncalled for stunt by driving and playing that bag in the same time. :/

LOL!!! Sounds fun! :P

ms loala:
I pity the b@astard.
And thanks for the link but...
a) I don't know how to put up a template.
b) There are better options.
c) What matters is the content of the blog, the layout is just an add-on. (eee raffi3 7ag nafsik!) :P
Thanks anyways. ;)

LOL! He's ok :)

lol .. All we need now is to change dishdasha into that Scottish skirt. :P

I have a wordpress account but I still can't view his blog.

LOL! Next time I'll make sure to do that but first give me directions to a clean deserted spot in Wafra. xD

Good to see you still kickin'. Miss your rants already. ;)

If they're doing it in their cars then it's their problem, but this guy here was playing the damned thing while driving! It takes both hands to play that thing! As mooch said, they should be shot.

It really was hilarious but also very uncalled for. ya3ni if he parked his car in a parking lot and started playing no one would say anything but he's driving while playing!!!

Kinan said...


The length that people go to just to stand out..

It's a sad story somehow :(

The Criticizer said...

Sad indeed. But he's stupid anyways. :/