Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Praise MOI & F*ck MOE

Praise MOI: Praise them for dropping all residency issues for this month. Our maid is halfway to Philippines without having to pay one fils. [*]

F*ck MOE: F*ck them for making my job even more miserable than it already is. Seems like I've angered the MOB (my school administration) after filing a transfer request [*] so they ganged up on me and sent my name to the elders examination committee, once again, to be in the middle of the most chaotic exams observation committee. Currently taking Vitamin-W (aka "Wasta") to keep my name out of it. Hope the plan I have in mind works.


Anonymous said...

LooL 3alla Vitamin-W
Allah e3eenik :/

Financy said...

damn .. i hate 3agad retards ,

so uncivilized , and they think we live in a jungle ..

just let them cheat .. o 4uck them all

KJ said...

Wow they're going out of their league to keep you behind their bars huh?

I say genocide is the key.

Anonymous said...

allah ye3enk!

ma3alaih! inshallah your vitamin-w acts quickly and properly

Elijah said...

Eshfeehum 3alaik?

Get wasta, if u can't beat em join em :)

Hamza said...

Take it easy buddy. Grab a book, novel or a newspaper, an Ipod is good too. Hell man, bring your laptop. and if you started yawning, wear the shades, lean the chair on the wall and enjoy one of God's blesses to humanity :D

Anonymous said...

Eff Them!

EniGma said...

Saqe6hom kilohom!!!!!!!!!

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...

When's this drama's going to end!
allah ye3enek walla .. =\

The Criticizer said...


why should I even bother to go there to let them cheat? Hopefully I'll be 25 kilometers away sleeping in bed while they cheat their @$$es off.

I think suicide is the key.

It did, thanks. ;)

I got my was6a but hope it works. *fingers crossed*

I wish it's that easy. The committee board rules are so messed up that you can't even sit while observing the exams. :/

*efffffz them*

They're not my students. :/

Umm.. never? Thanks.