Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Nu Car

Well, looks like nobody guessed it.
I know a lot would go like "But, didn't you find a better car?".
To those I say "You're not the one who will be driving it" so here it is....


Exterior 1 | Exterior 2
Interior 1 | Interior 2 <<< Yeessssss... Manual!!!

"A sports car without manual is like a man without his manhood." ;P


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ana badda3t bil Comments sa7? ;P

Wellll.. K-fee ..

Mabrook again ;P

Hamza said...

GOD DAMN blocked content in Saudi Arabia.

I can't see the pictures..

Somebody tell me the Goddamn car :(

bozwayed said...

Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooook ya36eeek khairha o yekfeek sharhaaa. BozBoz has a new friend now:P Welcome to the Z club man, hope to see you around going side ways! Drift.

Tara yemde7oon el round abouts.

Ps. Proud owner of white 300zxTT and i know i can out run yah.
VG is better then VQ but the RB is best.
Parts and pointers give me a shout.
again Marbook.

ge0 said...

btw I dont have blog yet

BLaSha said...

mabroook :)

KJ said...

Alf mabrook! And I agree with your wonderful little proverb ;)

EniGma said...

but..but..but.. i thought u loved bmw! and porsche! traiter ;/

mabrooooooooooooook! and be careful don't speed oo la tensa nafsik on the thric-damned 80 roads cuz that's where the camer's will catch u!

Aldenya said...

a very beautiful and wonderful selecting, enjoyment car driving bro :]

The Criticizer said...

7addich 7anna! Thanks. xP

Black 07' 350z | manual.

Thanks for hints and tips. I'm neither the racing type nor the drfting type. I got this specific car because I know for a fact that it's more like a toy. Fast enough for someone like me, cool enough with the looks, and has convenient dealer although its parts aren't as cheap as other nissans.
I'm not thinking of moding it nor anything. And I know by moding it once it starts to go faster I'll be greedy for more so I love it as is. ;)

Thank you.
Any plans of starting one?

Thank you. :)

Allah ebarik feek.
Glad you like that proverb! :P

I admire BMW and Porsche and I think they're the best two brands of all time but when I break it down to (money, job, & future life) I saw the Z well deserving. Cheaper, still cool looking, and can fill my thirst before I choose to go for the golden cuffs. :P

enshalla I'll be careful. Thank you. ;)

Thank you. Glad you like it. :D

Anonymous said...

3alayk alf alf 3afiya

a7la colour 3ala Z350 ;P

wa7sh! :D

il3ameed said...

3alaik bil 3afya Mac, tistahal kil khair..

take care of it, oo take care while driving, dont speed alot, oo sdont let thet manual take u too far :p

Mabrook oo ya36eek 5aira wikafeek sharha again..

i like the color (Y)
i liked the interior too.. didnt know nissan could make something this good looking :p, i like the guages and the bose sound system, with the walkman radio thingi :p


Ms Loala said...

Looks hawt mashalla :p
I guess my speculations about your place of career weren't in it's place ..
But come on, a car like this in a place like that?? you're torturing your baby =\

il3ameed said...

Mac, bas 3indiy soal..
moo gilt ina ur pridecting this car will be for the next 5-6 years, which u may get married in, so wain bit7i6 il yahal?
bil dabaa??

Will said...

Mabroook :D

Financy said...

Mabrook .. ya36eek khairhah o yakfeek shar-hah inshallah

personally .. i wouldnt buy a NEW 350Z .. since the used ones are Much much cheaper .. around 5000 to 6000 .. while the new one is for 11000 taqreeban or 10000

from personal experience .. black is the prettiest but not the best choice , coz of scratches and dents , shows alot more

p.s. i am senor el eminente ;)

The Criticizer said...

Thank you! :D

LOL! I never said this car's for the long run. I was talking about the Land Cruiser that day. This one's for fun before I get attached. :P
Thank you for the advice(s) and I'm glad you like it. ;)

ms loala:
Heh, who said I'll be driving it to work? :P
My bro is studying abroad and I have his Yukon. ;)

Thank you. :D

SENOR!! Hala bel7beeb! I knew you had a blog (on blogger) but I never thought it's you! :D

Allah esalmik, I take your words for granted on the color since you have (had?) the Z4 with that color. Bas it was a decent deal... I got a great discount on it + my TB tethaman eb 3,400KD so I thought what the hell, I'd by myself the zero KMs and the extended warranty. Besides, there's nothing like a brand new car and you know that. ;)

Elijah said...

Mabroook, Cooooool, Be careful! I want a riiiiide, but I drive :)

il3ameed said...

I see..
so what are u thinking of taking after this?!

personally, i'd drive the TB over the 350Z any day.. but i like urs :p

Anonymous said...

testahil buddy
when do i get a ride? :p

The Criticizer said...

Thank you, I will. ;)
You get to drive but you must buy me a new clutch plate upfront. :P

I don't know what's next, Land Cruiser maybe.
My TB quit on me! 200KD on broken transmission, broken double-gear, leaking oil pan, trashed up front suspension.... it had so many malfunctions so I'm glad it's went for 3,400.

Thank you, testahlain el 6eeb. :D
Whenever you want! ;P

Elijah said...

What's that supposed to mean???? In Jordan I only drove manual gear!!

Oh but it did use to roar a lot poor thing :)

Me7sin said...

luv it

3aleek bil 3afya P Boiiii ;P

eyeek kheerha wekafeek sharha

"paint rims black?" :$

il3ameed said...

we all know that american cars go sikrab after 2 years..

NoNoWa said...

Really cool!!! Congratulations and hope u enjoy it to the max.
And I love your lil quote - my hubby wud totally agree- he is in love with sport cars!!

The Criticizer said...

LOL! ok ok in that case you get to drive. ;P

Allah esalmik.
& I don't think so. Keep it as is, for the moment that is. ;P

True, which emphasizes my point. ;)

lol! Thank you. I'm glad your hubby would agree. I presume he owns a sports car, doesn't he?

sweetd said...

mabrook....ishfeekum 3ala this car ya nas...personally its not my fave :/ enjoy ur ride...3aine 3aliak barda..i think thats how they say it???

The Criticizer said...

lol! Why what's wrong with it? :P
Thanks anyways. ;)

Kinan said...

Congratualtions Maciiiiii :)

It's a really cool car. enshallah tehreeha bel 3afyeh ;)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks Kin. :D