Monday, May 21, 2007

My "Wasta" in Action

*Internal phone ringing*

Me: Hello?
Vice Principal: ****** please report to principal's office.

Me: Salaam, you wanted to see me?
Principal: Yes, have a seat.
Me: No thanks, I've been sitting all day long, I rather stand up.
Principal, with a sarcastic tone: No no, I don't want you to hurt your back since you have a back disc so have a seat.
Me: *smiles and takes a seat*
Principal: Why haven't you mentioned that injury when you first arrived?
Me: Umm, I don't know.
Principal: Well if you have mentioned it earlier we wouldn't have sent your name to the observation committee at first place.
Me: And?
Principal: And, now that we know about it, we have withdrawn your name off the observation committee but we needed a replacement.
Me, with a huge smile: Okay! So?
Principal: That is all. We will send ******* instead of you.
Me, overjoyed but not showing it: Ok thank you. Hope I didn't cause any trouble.
Principal: Honestly you did but we took care of it.
Me: *wth?* Ahem, ok thanks anyways.


This is the ending that I've been hoping for out of my unplanned wasta. Looks like bad things can be of good use sometimes, regardless of what might be the consequences later on.


Hasan.B said...


EniGma said...

mabrook. and it's not really a wasta<- i hate this word :)

Ge0 said...

Oh! I thought that wasta is to transfer to a closer to your house school! anyhow good luck in all steps colleague:)

BLaSha said...

7arakaat ;)

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaa a5eraaaaaaaaaaaan!

mabroooooooooooooook :D

Hamza said...

good for you man. but the principle is such a jerk when he said: "honestly you did..."inno seriously what the hell

Ms Loala said...

ma9e2ebo qawmin 3enda qawmin fawa2edo :p

Congratulations .. but what about the transfer thingy? shouldn't you use your injury again?

Intlxpatr said...

Excellent, and now tell us how things are going for a transfer for next year? Any luck so far?

Elijah said...

Mabrook, neeytak 9afyeh :)

Anonymous said...


KJ said...

Congrats man! And don't worry about the mess you caused. The principal will use his wasta to clean it up ;)

NoNoWa said...

Aywaaaa - aywaaaaaaaaaa!!
Congrats dude!!! Good for u :)
Feels good, dont it???

The Criticizer said...


Thanks. & you're right but it did what wastas do. ;)

No no, no need for that, I already dealt with that issue.
btw, do you have a blog?

Yep, & great to see you back. ;P

Alla ebarik feek. ;)

Honestly he's a good man but what I did caused him some trouble, as in having to find a replacement, so I forgive him. ;P

ms laaooaoaolalal:
No, that method won't work for my transfer. I have filed the transfer papers manually and I will call for some backup to work on the process of having me transfered from that sh!t hole.

Nothing so far, hopefully things will start to clear up in July when new transfers get listed.

Thank you. :)


True on that. Thanks! :D

Sure does. ;)

Cixousian Panic said...

hahahahah the principle is pissy!

congrats 3ala getting out of it!