Friday, October 19, 2007

Nissan Al-Babtain

To whom this may concern,

We have come across your previous blog posts and read the comments that you published and we deeply regret that you have encountered problems at our Garage Centers we really are sorry for any inconvenience the Al Babtain Group has caused you and we would love to help you in anyway The Al Babtain Group would like to make up for any wrong doings from our side, for the record we have released an email to you previously and are still waiting for a response...

Please this is my personal phone number : ******* contact me for any assistance or any suggstions and comments i will be greatly thankful for your valued input

Best Regards,

Ghazi Saleh Abdulmohsen Al Babtain
Relationship Manager Al Babtain Group

Well what do you know? I never thought this would happen. Looks like there are people who care after all.

I'd like to thank Mr. Ghazi for his concern. I will take my car there first in the morning tomorrow. Hopefully this will put an end to my misery.

UPDATE: They're working on the car right now, thanks to Mr. Ghazi. I really appreciate the help.

To "anonymous": I have spoken to Mr. Ghazi in person so please refrain from presuming that he's too young or he doesn't exist. He helped me in every way possible and I appreciate that. All he wants is our feedback on their services and trust me when I say he does care for their customers, otherwise he wouldn't have contacted me in person.


il3ameed said...

wa a5eeran..
a7isik fishalt 3igob ma ketabt il posts wint itsafel feehom :p

iNoor said...

ta6awor wallah, thain thain :)

*commenting from Mama'th MacBook, wanaathaa :P

Ms Loala said...

What do you know! that's a very very small world.
See, the only benifit of whining online is that there are people who DO read :P

enigma said...

yay! more power to us bloggers :D

Anonymous said...

Hey very interesting indeed

chikap said...

Blogs rule! mabrouk!

Anonymous said...

pretty impressive

Anonymous said...

great news mate..good luck tomorrow :)

Navy Girl said...

WOW !!! okay i'm surprised !! @@

bs wala good for you !! hehehe .. lot of noise actually worked out fine ha ;P

Fezi. ! said...

gr8 to know that :D

7adi estanast lma grait el email ;P

bas el 7achy laish bel asas ma y7loon el mshkela w y9eer kel shay ok !! lazim wa7ed bel managment ydesh 3shan el shoghol y9eer ok :S

Very.Q8ya said...


Mr. Ghazi, isreflena Patrol for-free =]

Anonymous said...

Interesting .. !

palo-girl said...

amazing feedback!
who would've known this could happen in kuwait

Intlxpatr said...

Wooooo Hooooo! MAC!!!! *does the Customer Service Boogie-Dance* (even though I've heard dancing is not legal in Kuwait!)

WoooooHooooooooo! Even better - a car that works, and a dealer who cares. Wooooo HOoooooo!

moocherx said...

Hopefully this won't require everyone who wants good service to have to start a blog, then complain in it. But as it's Kuwait, that's the likelihood.

KJ said...

That's great news... it is also worrying as it shows you how blogs are read by everyone!

jaz said...

Dont fall for it!!

Its just thier way of making themselves sound kind!! :@

Kinano said...

Power to bloggers :D

Keep ur guard though, maybe they just wanna sound interested.


elijah said...

Good going :)

Bashar said...

nice to see such reaction.

The power of the blog works!

I got Aramex calling me once for some post. Blogs are being the only decent place for service reviews in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

هذا الذي رد عليكم

واسمه غازي صالح البابطين

وقال انا مدير العلاقات العامه

في الشركه

لما رحنا الشركه نقابله

قالوا لنا .. هذا ما يشتغل

في الشر كه وهو صغير شاب

ويمكن هو رد على النت من

نفسه ؟؟
ولا يداوم عندنا اصلا

ارجوا معاقبة هذا الكذاب

الي يقول انه مدير في الشركه

وانا لما طلبنا مقابلة
احد منهم رفضوا وقالوا سامحونا

ووايد من عيالهم الكل يقول
انا مدير
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

The Criticizer said...

la mafeeha shay. el 7ag yengal.


ms loala:
Right, though I never thought this would work.


blue dress:




navy g:
yeah, I guess it did. :P

that I cannot answer. :/

shush!! xD



lol! thanks
Who says dancing is not legal? :/

you got a point there. :/

What makes me worry is something like the bust they did a while back when they took that journalist and kept him under custody for a long time. freedom of speech they say... :/

nope, this one's for real.


thanks. :D

Seems like you're right.

official response in the front page, check the update....

Sarah 7 said...

WOW cool!
Can hardly believe this happened in Kuwait :p