Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blackbird | Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge (formerly known as Creed) have finally launched their new album. First impression is disappointment, but after listening carefully to the whole album I can admit as a rock/alternative fan, this band has matured.

Here's what I think of each song [out of 10]:-

  1. Ties That Bind [8]
  2. Come To Life [7.5]
  3. Brand New Start [6]
  4. Buried Alive [5.5]
  5. Coming Home [5.5]
  6. Before Tomorrow Comes [7]
  7. Rise Today [7.5]
  8. Blackbird [9] [link]
  9. One By One [7.5]
  10. Watch Over You [7]
  11. Break Me Down [6.5]
  12. White Knuckles [5.5]
  13. Wayward One [7.5]

Review: There's one thing I hate in Rock music... excessive/overworked guitar. However, unlike other rock bands, Alter Bridge manage to catch me with their tones, beats, and best of all their outstanding vocalist (Myles Kennedy).

They've gone past Creed's flavor and added their own special touch to this album marking their standout from Creed itself although they're still the same band but with another lead singer.

My only disappointment is not seeing any acoustics in this album, something like In Loving Memory on their older album, it would have made this one much better.

All in all, this album gets no more than 7.5 out of 10.

There are three vocalists I would listen to anything by them, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Aaron Lewis of Staind, and Myles Kennedy.


chikapappi said...

Wow! Never imagined you like such music - shaklak classic guy :P

Anonymous said...

I am not into this music at all, but glad you like it and it might keep you away from sheesha :D

Ms Loala said...

About time!
Allah yebashrik bel khair :P

About your review, well, the way i see it, you often don't like a "rock" song at first but after constant listening you'll begin to love it.
It happens to me alot.

il3ameed said...

so going to download them..
im into rock these days..
i also agree with ms.loala about the "constant listening" thing ;D

Anonymous said...

Ok I had a few favorites in there previous album. ..

I really like the black bird song.
The guitar is exactly right.

ge0 said...

I have nothing to say except wishing you a blessed eid

chikapappi said...

Kel 3am o enta bkheir :)

Navy Girl said...

are they any good ??? i love rock music .. its just different .. oh and the excessive overworked guitar is my kinda thing lol .. yet still .. it really depends on the song :)

The Criticizer said...

Classic? Haha .. why is that? xD
I've always been a rock/alternative/acoustics fan. :P
Thank you.. you too, have fun.

Keep me away from shisha? Hah! Man, driving 190/200kph going for shisha on those beats is like my haven! xD

ms loala:
Exactly! Let me know what you like in their new album. :D

Good. Same thing, let me know which ones you like. :D

blue dress:
Yeah, their older album was better, still this one's not bad...

Thank you! You too have a great one. :D

navy g:
They're EXTREMELY good! :D
Here, some of their best songs...
- In Loving Memory [10/10]
- Open Your Eyes [9/10]
- Broken Wings [9/10]
- Blackbird [9.5/10]
- Ties That Bind [8.5/10]

Navy Girl said...

okay then .. i'll make sure to download them :) thanks ;P

eeee wanasaaa 200 Kph :D sounds like it !! 7ada wana ride on :P

The Criticizer said...

Let me know what you think of them. :D

KJ said...

I unfortunately have lost interest in rock because of excessive use of electric guitars and such, so this album is a no no for me

The Criticizer said...

Give it a shot. :P