Saturday, October 06, 2007

5 in 1 | Catching up

Operation Rehabilitation | Final week

Two words to describe this week: Total Failure.
Operation rehab is over. Statistics come later.

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Prime & Toast

Those who reviewed it have already said everything though here's what I think...

Pros: Cozy environment, nice service (hope it remains like that when the place gets crowded).

Cons: Food needs to be juiced up a little (some sauce would make it really good), relatively-bad location (parking).

All in all I would give it 6/10 but it's too early to judge.

I would like to thank Patrick for the invitation, wish the owner of the restaurant all the best of luck, and to the people who were there that night... it's a pleasure meeting you all.

Graphics & Web Design course

We're having a problem with the institute. They claim to provide CIW intensive course but all they did is skim over some points then off to MS FrontPage.

According to their brochure...

  • Web Design courses (Pro. CIW Designer):-
    - CIW Foundations | 30 hours
    --+ Internet Business Foundations
    --+ Site Development Foundations
    --+ Network Technology Foundations

    - CIW Site Designer | 30 hours
    --+ Design Methodology & Technology
    - CIW E-Commerce Designer | 30 hours
    --+ E-Commerce Strategies & Practices
  • They have already skipped two courses (CIW Foundations & CIW E-Commerce Designer)... The full course should take around two months and they're giving this one in two weeks!

    I have emailed CIW regarding this issue and hopefully they will reply soon. If they don't I will make a big fuss in the institute.

    Nissan Al-Babtain

    This has gone way too far and I have had enough... If that b@stard can't manage his dealership then the hell with it, I'm contacting

    Redbull Flugtag

    Flight #40. We are the last team to fly our plane in the event. The plane is 70% done, we still have to attach the wings, replace some stuff, paint the plane, and it's all set up for the day of the event.


    chikapappi said...

    et3ab 3al post el compressed - LOVE IT!


    - we spoke about the courses, so good luck buddy :P

    - can't wait for the flutag thing o wein el Tshirt so I be part of your team o ashajje3 :)

    - Sheesha is ok, as long as you control it

    - the P&T was great :)

    Anonymous said...


    good luck flying the plane ^_^

    Me7sin said...

    missed those posts boy ;P

    bil taWfeej yaBooYa

    EniGma said...

    allaa i love it 5 posts :D

    1. Why are you trying to quit sheesha? just reduce the amount u smoke, u don't have to quit it mara wa7da.

    2. P&T: I didn't try it but i still have yet to find a good review about it that would want me to go try it

    3. Sheno bkaifhom!

    4. U should have done that a long time ago.

    5. Good luck !

    EniGma said...

    >:(((( u killed the birdies! how dare u!! 3ayal 7obat-hom what happened to ur car!

    Anonymous said...

    1. i knew it! :D don't give-up duddddddddddde!
    2. laish ma7ad 3ezamni? :(
    3. ee ent dafe3 7aram sheghom shag :)
    4. yep! i think you should!
    5. goodluck with that!

    Intlxpatr said...

    The fight isn't over until you win, Mac. (sheesha)

    Can hardly wait for Flugtag. Where is it?

    il3ameed said...

    nooo :(
    keep trying ma yeswa you quit..

    P&T? laish tawne asma3 fee?
    inshallah u had a great time oo 3alaikom bil 3afia..

    goodluck 3al courses

    nissan sucks.. told u get a BMW!! (their service sucks more;p)

    and finally:
    yalla!! im waiting.. oo il7een ur #40 b3d? ill be cheering you on! a3aleg your logo 3ala my shirt :p
    good luck bro!

    3baid said...

    "Total Failure"

    Uffa! :o

    iNoor said...

    Afa wallah afa sayed, ya3ny 5ala9? fgadt el hope?

    ما هكذا الظن بك :(

    Anonymous said...

    Ma77ad Give up! =)
    You kill Sheesha, Sheesha no kill you!

    Prime and toast, Shakla not that shisamona appealing? ;P

    Graphic Design courses. i think ur the one who's supposed to teach them, wallah ;P

    Nissan- Ommi timda7hum ! hehe

    RedBull- YALLAH! i cant wait.. we need some AKSHAN hehe.. I love redbull

    KJ said...

    Start the rehab again after Eid. Don't give up just yet - it is bad for your self esteem

    elijah said...

    Since it failed, then we're on for sheesha :)

    But seriously, when i quit cigarettes, i started having sheesha everyday, and it was horrible man, my chest was killing me, i could barely breathe. Hope u quit it soon, ur a PE teacher you should be healthy.

    Me cheering for ur team :)

    Ms Loala said...

    Why :\
    You were doing fine, you just needed time and determination that's all.

    I see everyone is reviewing it, what's the fuss?

    Sue them!

    Sue them too :P

    Can't wait.

    Navy Girl said... is not over dude !! :( nooo !! & toast .. yeah I so wana try that .. everyone is posting about it now !! :D bl3afya !!

    3.I sooo wanted to study graphic desgine .. wanasaa !!

    4.nissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan sucks .. dude get another car already LOL !!!

    5.Good luck with that :D

    The Criticizer said...

    - thanks
    - enshallah when they're done I'll let you know. :D
    - i'll try
    - ditto.


    lol .. I was in the mood, as I used to in Qhatespeed. ;)

    - i need to quit. its taking away my life. :/
    - it's not officially open.
    - what can i say?? b@stards
    - yep
    - thanks
    & lol .. I didn't, they just don't hang out my window anymore. :P

    - enshallah i'll try one more time.
    - its a testing session. :/
    - i will
    - i did
    - thanks, you be there too

    I will try my best.
    It'll be held in Marina Waves on the 2nd of November. :)

    - i will keep on trying
    - its new & thanks, I did have fun.
    - thanks
    - wallah it would have been much better.
    - 3ala rasi, el shirts on me, all you have to do is gather all the gang and start cheering. ;)

    *speechless* :/


    - i'll keep on trying
    - shisamoona, yes. :P
    - *feels flattered*
    - :/
    - yalla akshen bas cheer for us even if we suck! :P

    I'll do, thanks for your concern.

    that's the point, my stamina is down to ground.. I really need to quit. :/
    Thankies.. ya be there.

    ms loala:
    - soon i'll start again
    - not a fuss, more like indirect marketing. most guests are bloggers = easy and free advertising.
    - i hope i can
    - i have a better idea, i'll burn it down to the ground
    - :D

    navy g.:
    - i'll start again soon
    - allah e3afeech.
    - it's not so wanasa if you don't have the will and patience.
    - lend me some money
    - thanks :D