Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Moment of Devotion

Everyday I wake up at 6:30am and head to the gym taking Blajat road through Messila. Today I was in the mood and woke up early at 5:30am. On my way to the gym there's a road diversion right after Beda'a traffic circle (MPW road development) diverting all cars in and out beach side parking lots.

As soon as I entered Pizza Hut's parking I noticed something near the beach. There was a guy holding his hands up in the sky. I parked and tried to concentrate. Not so odd at first sight but then I realized this guy is in a deep spiritual moment. He did not move a single muscle for over 10 minutes. Something I have never seen in public.

Strictly coincidence, I had my camera with me and I took some photos. I couldn't get close to him but my trusty SAL18200 lens did a great job...



Me7sin said...


pretty gloomy lookin' day, been a while since ive seen a sunrise on the beach

Very.Q8ya said...

10mins! hatha 3ogob ma Chakkaitah kaan 10 Dgayeg waggif bss gabilha cham? ashkara waGif sa3a kamla il7aBeb=[

zain 3ad inta chaan ri7tla ooo dazzaita chinik ma tadry lol

la yemkin gaa3id esawey Yuga il rayyaaal =]]]]]

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mashallah 3laik you wake up at 6.30! I wake up at 6 *pm*., lol.

Luurve the shot :)

3baid said...

Ga3id yad3i :)

Anonymous said...

wow!! what a brilliant shot! :D

3ala golat 3adel imam; 7ay 3aya6 men el2man oo tagwa :P

il3ameed said...

very interesting :S

ee ymkn yad3ee..

iNoor said...

ma y5aloon errayyal b7alah :x
a5eeeh kaser 5a6ry... Allah ya36eeh 3ala gad neyatah.

Q8DOLL said...

walla shay '3areeb !!
bas yemken wagef yad3y !!
ya7lela 10 mins shakla da3a lel dera nafar nafar

Navy Girl said...

wow !! first of all i love going out at 6 AM .. elshar3 is empty !! peaceful !!

o that guy wow .. its really hard to concentrate like that ..

Kinano said...

I love the shot on the right! The sun looks so close, like it's listening intently to the man.

6.30? Why? Ha, tell me WHY?

KJ said...

An early riser like me :)

Amazing shot btw. I am amazed how people can be still and concentrated

The Criticizer said...

It's fun and quiet in the morning.

lol. La wallah poor guy allah e3eena 3al hal balwa elly oho feeha ely m5aleta yad3i for 15 minutes.

Allah yafrijha 3alaih.

7adda. Glad you like the pic. ;)

oho ga3id yad3i, bas 7ag shino 15 minutes allah a3lam. allah e3eena.

hehe .. :P
enshallah allah e3eena.

akeed ga3id yad3i bas "3ala" el deera nafar nafar.

navy g.:
Yep. a7la shai sunrise.

I love waking up early. Makes my days longer. :P

We seem to have a lot in common. Let me know when you're going to get married so I can prepare myself. :P

Very.Q8ya said...

sorry i didn't know kan ga3d yad3ey =| allah yetqabal do3aa`ah

palo-girl said...


miskeen akeed he has really desperate prayers.

3a fikra a7la du3aa2 ba3d ilshuroo8. so peeaaacefuuuul

Hamza said...


I am a morning person too but today I woke up with a very grumpy mood and I feel sleepy.

I hope that the guy is praying to God rather than wait for his prophecy to be summoned. :P

elijah said...

Nice pics, invading the man's privacy are we? :P

Drama Div@ said...

are you sure he's not a japanese who is worshiping the sun Goddess.. nay, i think he is just practicing Tai Chi..

Intlxpatr said...

I agree, I think it is Tai Chi, although I have never seen one pose maintained for ten minutes. Amazing shot, Mac - not easy, shooting into the sun like that. Wooo Hooooooooo! More photos!!!! Show us your students!

Kinano said...

Why would you want your day to be longer?! *puzzled*

If you want, I will donate some of my hours to you see how you'd like it! :P said...

wow, thats nuts. kinda freaky too...

The Criticizer said...

That's more like it.

True. Sunrise & dusk are the best times for everything.

Glad you like the shot.

& lol. :P

Yes, we are. xD

drama div@:
Nope, he's praying. ;)

Soon, hopefully. ;)

Uh, no thanks. I like my long days just fine. :P


manutdfanatic said...
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manutdfanatic said...
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manutdfanatic said...

He probably had stars reverberating in his eyes after that ridiculous 10 minutes sun-staring session:P.

I remember seeing a strictly vegetarian lady having a similar obsession on House Swap a while back. Staring at the setting Sun for a mininum of an hour on a daily basis was part of her ludicrous routine. She believed it would grant with her infinite amounts of energy AND solve all the "problems" in the world!

Talk about absurd.

manutdfanatic said...

*her with


The Criticizer said...

His eyes were closed and the sun is on his side, not in front. ;)

That woman is crazy! :/