Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Z 1 - Cat 0

I ran over a cat today while driving back home from work. At first I thought I had a flat tire but the car felt normal. I stopped instantly, got out of the car and saw blood stains on the passenger side tire and blood skid marks on the ground. I looked back to see a cat trying to kick life out of itself. Poor b@stard didn't die straightaway.

I didn't see it coming otherwise I would have tried to avoid it. I don't know what's the deal with street cats. They reproduce like rabbits, they dump their little ones, and they wander all day long.

Anyways, to pay my dept to the "kitteh society" I will post three amazing photographs of cats, hopefully they're not dead too.

*Goes to wash his car*


chikapappi said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

il3ameed said...

haha sick :p

but you are right, they appear out of no where these days..

jaz said...

U cant wipe them all out on ur own... but together we can make anything happen... :D

Saw Dakosh @ the car show today, yis2al 3anik :D

Anonymous said...

i wonder how this works out religiously

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww allaah yer7ammah!

did you remove it ?!
nicce ketieh society ;p

Kinano said...

I killed on the other day as well and it didn't die instantly either.

Poor thing, didn't see my tire coming at all! :P

elijah said...

U MURDERER, first it was the birds now the cat!!!!!


Princess said...

oh my god! law ana chan misakt-ha bachya min il murder scene laaaaaaaaay baitna and back


Linus said...

You did something great for the society. We should start a campaign Run-Over-Cats! I hate them so much!

Ms Loala said...

Pooor that cat, you murderer :(

But i wouldn't imagine a cats gut over my car, It's just disgusting!

jaz said...

Lol i ran over one last night biljabriya.. black one... lol didnt even feel it... not even a bump.
allah yi3afee il armada :P

Anonymous said...

LOOL. Christmas Feast. :p

Jaz, Black One!!?!?!?!?
Allah e3eenik :P
It will take revenge! loll

Navy Girl said...

awww 7aram :'( poor little kitty :'(

i accidentally run over a "DEAD already" kitty once .. when i got back home .. i went straight to my room ooo cried all the day long ! i didnt even kill the poor thing it was already dead .. 3yal how the hell can people kill HUMANS !

Zabo0o6a said...

hehehe , you murderer ! :Pp
anyhow i killed i pigeon few dayz ago bs something wrong with this creatures navigation !

outkasty said...

maskeena =/

Zed said...

the thing that puzzles me is that anywhere else in the world, the cat would run

in kuwait, they keep walking as if they are on a zebra crossing and the driver is SUPPOSE to stop.

whats up with cats in kuwait? must be something in the garbage that they eat

KJ said...


*collects fellow bunnies off the Kuwaiti roads*

iNoor said...

KJ's comment is hilarious xD

Mac dude, I know you're feeling guilty right now (yeah right) bas hatha 7al ed'denya.. (''.)
3ayal listen to this, once a cat got stuck in rayyel 5alty's car's engine and when he turned on the car... errmmm 5ala9 I'll stop here << respecting 3baid's feelings

6alle3 9ada8a ok??

The Criticizer said...


Yep, I didn't see it coming.

jaz #1:
*joins jaz's campaign*
dakosh? tes2al 3anna el 3afya... 7abeeb walla halrayyal. I've been there, I couldn't recognize him cuz we never met though I'd love to meet him.

I should pay sadaQa. :/

Remove it? You want me to remove its guts off the road?! No way! :/

I bet you hit it intentionally. :P

Yeah and I still wanna raise my count. :P

haha, you're too sensitive. :D

*joins linus's campaign*
Count me in.

ms loala:
But.. but.. it was an accident! :(

jaz #2:
lmao! xD

Gilna CAT mo Turkey. :P

navy g.:
You're oversensitive. :/

lol, yeah some pigeons need compasses and sensors. :P

Moo. :P

lmao! didn't know that till now, I though all street cats are like that. xD

You should try over-running one from time to time. :P

I hate it when cats get stuck in engines. They go in looking for some place warm to sleep and they come out shawerma. :/


jaz said...

Dude Thursday nights, guys from the forum hang out @ Hard Rock cafe... Me, Sam, MeBadGuy, Boss, SpeeDevil, Otarix, LM10, M3... Bas no dakosh :P

U should come this week... just so we can catch up

jaz said...

lol!! Nisait!!

Ilyoum in class my Dr was of course lecturing... wela mara wa7da he stops and says "have u ever killed a caT? i did once when starting my car in 1982... im sorry, just my sub-conscience speaking out" and then continues the lecture... i couldnt stop laughing :P

manutdfanatic said...

Whoah. Good deed. I'm pleased.

P.S:- No, the above wasn't out of sarcasm; I can't stand cats. The sooner they become extinct, the happier I will be.

The Criticizer said...


Together we shall kill'em all! :D

Maradona said...

هالقطو قبل لا تدعمه شوف اشكثر مدعوم ..!

وما وصل لك إلا وهو زهقان ويبي ينتحر .

as the kamikaza

now even indian people do kamikaza on the road

The Criticizer said...

LOL! hahaha xD

Nicole said...

Suicide cats....!
They try to fight my dogs and try to jump in front of cars.
Cats in Kuwait are weird, I tell you ;)


The Criticizer said...

lol! Yeah they became suicidal. :D