Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Guessing Game

I know I've been lazy lately.
I promise I'll make it up to my regulars.

Now can you guess what this is?

Hint(s): They come in various colors.
You buy them and throw them.

Yes, you can tell how bored I am.

This is what you're looking at...

I know I know, it was hard to guess. And sure, go ahead and add me to your losers list... :P

My very special collectible... cinema tickets. I have been collecting them since my early days in high school. Somehow I have lost the first set (1997~2001) but that didn't stop me from continuing.

Looking at them makes me realize how life passes by so damn fast; knowing that I've been doing this for the past ten years makes me wonder about a lot of stuff. :/


iNoor said...

Ummm, a sock? << shakoo

Seriously, go make a vector or eat something! :P j/k

Enigma said...

no idea!

Your Battlefield said...

post its!!!

Your Battlefield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Your Battlefield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zed said...

something you buy at a baqala

Anonymous said...

Shoe string ;p

Kinano said...

something stringy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Or a Book ? ;$

Anonymous said...

A Porsche Encyclopedia ;P

il3ameed said...

ruler!!! Btw, the december issue of aldeera magazine has a team photo of u guys

chikapappi said...


Orangina fadidra said...

Kleenex ?
madre, too lazy and cluelessly .. what u tell me!

outkasty said...

khazait'ha khaz, o 6ala3 weyay PJ's LOOOOOOL ma'asat il guessing =o]

ohwa aked aked khyo6 aw shay chethey, akeed (aham shay enni met'akda o wathqa) =/

Ms Loala said...


GEO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GEO said...

it's a magazine

p.s. did i just post my password! LOL!

KJ said...

It is definitely compressed vomit

Navy Girl said...

ummmm now thats a tough one !

first letter is ?? :P

it looks kinda strings or something !

il3ameed said...

a belt?
i dont know whay we should throw belts, but it looks like one.. ;p

The Criticizer said...

I'm doing something better. Talking ca$h. ;)

Now you know.

your battlefield:
Nope. :P

Not even close. :P

Nope. :P

More like papery. :P

You cannot contribute with more than one guess, you cheated! No no no no, hehe :P

#1: nope. Thanks for the info! :D
#2: you posted that while I was posting the update! xD

Nope. :P

Nope, check the update. :P

lol .. nope. :P

ms loala:
nah. :P

CLOSE! haha .. glad to see you again.

Don't worry. Your secret is safe. :P

lmao! That's close, I mean gross! :P

navy g:
Nope. ;P

Anonymous said...

7addik LOSER!! Efff!!!!!

Anonymous said...

JAD!! I feel Like shooting you right now!!!

"Run For Your Lifee!!!"

Me7sin said...

ok i really do hate u now (@@)

Me7sin said...

jk big guy

u know i luv ya ;P *BIG HUGS*

bas seriously, thats one wierd collection (@@)

iNoor said...

LMAO man XD you'll probably receive a "Tickets-for-Life" prize if you take them to Cinescape :P

Oh, and good luck ;)

Ms Loala said...


Don't you have students to teach?


Navy Girl said...

i never thought about that ! mashla since 1997 !! wow ! :D

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Bashar said...

I'm glad to know I am not the only one collecting useless items :)

Anonymous said...

Oh .. u collect cinema tickets ?!
Thats cooool .. I'll collect some for u :)

outkasty said...

LOL! aham shay enne kent wathqa men ejabaty =o]

3ad law-adrey chan yamma3t'hom lik =F

The Criticizer said...

You're just jealous. xP

lol, yuba it's more like a habit. :P

Haha, chan zain! :D

ms loala:
This has nothing to do with my job. :P

navy g:
Thanks. I'm selling them, care to buy? :P

F*** OFF.

We techies are the same! xD

You're missing the point. I collect those I have attended. ;)

Same thing said to Cat. :P

Kinano said...

Are you trying to top my stupid collection of price tags? :P

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, I guess I am. LMAO! xD