Sunday, December 23, 2007


50,000 pageviews and counting...


chikapappi said...

Hehe! Mabrouk - am almost there too ;)

Outkasty said...

7alata law 50,000kd lol

il3ameed said...

mabrook bro ;) oo 3eedik mbarak .. Sorry im a bit late though..

iNoor said...

Maaaan, Blogger sucks!
I have no idea why I can't view new posts from any .blogspot blog by the time they are published. I tried to clear my browser's cache but still, they won't appear. So in order to view them new posts, I have to refresh the page like, forever! But this doesn't work every time.

You should thank me for the +100 clicks I did today :P

iNoor said...

ee 9a7, God bless Google Reader hehe

Anonymous said...

is it accurate? ;p-

ge0 said...

I believe your web tracker and its map isnt correct. it doesnot locate me in the corresponding map.

The Criticizer said...

Keep it up. ;)

Please!!!! :D

ayamik sa3eeda. It's never too late, thanks. ;)

LOL! Thanks I guess!
Try holding down CTRL when pressing the refresh button. If it doesn't work, get a Mac! :P

blue dress:
Wanna bet? :P

You mean like this
If yes then nope, it is accurate.
The reason this happens is because ISPs route connections to another location, so from the Internet's perspective, your location is wherevert your ISP routes you to.

Navy Girl said...

mashalaaaaaaa :D

Perfecty said...

i started my blog eversince october this year. w i have almost 9000 page views w i'm freaked out!

Anonymous said...

Mabrook :) how many clicks have i added to this number :P

The Criticizer said...

navy g:
thanks. ;)

mashalla! keep it up!

fast lane:
idk but thanks for clicking and keep'em coming! xD