Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been better without Leopard

If you're using OS X 10.5 Leopard without its new benefits such as Time Machine or Spaces you'll soon realize that it's nothing but a refurbished 10.4 Tiger with some minor touch ups.

Ever since I upgraded to OS X 10.5 my PowerBook G4 has been acting up. Some of the things I've noticed...

  • Takes longer time to boot up, applications launch time, Web browsers and Flash animations became slow too.
  • Disk-Utility permission repair function lags taking up to 20 minutes to repair disk permissions where it used to take less than a minute in OS X 10.4 Tiger.
  • PPC-based applications tend to crash more often.
  • Setting up mobile to computer bluetooth connection is harder than it used to be though its nice to use its FTP browser. [link]

And another thing I've noticed, RSS feeds date is fixed to January 1, 2001! [link]

Even with all these problems my Mac still shines and can run for two more years without any trouble, hopefully.


Yet another thing to add to the list above... My RSS feeds screensaver died. Whenever I run it my Mac crashes. WTH is up with Leopard & PPC? :/


3baid said...

There's a known issue with some hard drives that have been pre-formated from the factory. Try resetting your PRAM or reinstall if that doesn't help either.

Laialy_q8 said...

i haven't had any problems yet ... al7amdillah. but then again its been less than a week

Bashar said...

Well I just posted my bad takes on it. Keyboard gets locked for 15-20 seconds, and applications hide and am not able to unhide them

Mark said...

I had such a terrible experience with Leopard on my Dual 2ghz G5 at work that I formatted my Mac and installed Tiger again.

I am not having any issues with Leopard on my MacBook but I won't install it in any of my non intel macs neither would i recommend anyone without an intel mac to install it.

and yeah i don't know what the fuss in leopard is, its just like tiger...

Yousef said...

My powerbook was acting up and taking lots of time everytime i did anything. turned out the harddisk was about to die (it died actually).

I replaced the harddisk and its working fine now :) I can't believe how fast it is aslan! so maybe your problem is the harddisk and not the OS..

Intlxpatr said...

I have it running on my new MacBookPro and it is quirky. I used to be able to do some things I can't do now, which is annoying. The few new bells and whistles aren't really anything I care about.

KJ said...

*pats Ubuntu*

Ms Loala said...

This is "definitely" not the good time for down sides! :\

What's it gonne be? tiger or leopard?

Cat said...

lesh ana ma a3ref asta5dem Mac. products ?! Tra I never tried them .. bs a7es eny ma ra7 a3ref lehom :(

iNoor said...

*gives your PowerBook the evil eye*

naaaaaaaaah j/k

3eedik Mbarak in advance :P

..::Fast Lane::.. said...

Are you running too many softwares at the same time? I having the same issue but only when I am working left right and center..

Enigma said...

can't make up my mind about macs. I NEED new computer ;/

Fayoora said...

Y3ne ma7i6 Leopard?

Btw. ams in class one of my classmates, her macbook's HD died ! :/
7a6laha a blank screen with a folder 3alaih 3alamat istifham. I looked it up ib google oo galaw ina HD died. oo itgool ina masarla ila 2 years ma3aha :S

Even iPODs.

Dell never dies ;$
akhaf my macbook imoot b3d 2 yrs :S

Ms Loala said...


This is not good :(

The Criticizer said...

Zapping PRAM didn't do any help, and I don't want to take chances of reinstalling it again because I already had issues installing it over Tiger. :/

Hope you don't encounter any problem.

That's something to add too. :/

Yeah there seems to be a compatibility issues with PPC & Leopard. :/

Maybe, but then again problems only started to show up when I upgraded to Leopard. :/

MBPro is intel-based, it should be running fine with you! Hmm..

Don't tell me you use that cheap free cr@p. :P

ms loala:
Don't worry. This only happens on PPC-based Macs (old macs)... New macs shouldn't have problems. Go Leopard with your new Mac.

And they don't die, they just need to be treated carefully. :P

One word: Experience.
Once you get used to it you'll realize how easier it is than Windows.

WTH!!! You burned my MAC!

haha .. You too. :D

fast lane:
It's running fine when doing multi-tasks but those are some of the main problems I have encountered during my Leopard experience.

Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac... etc. :P

Go ahead and get Leopard. Those issues are on PPC Macs (old Macs like mine). New intel-based Macs shouldn't have any problems running it.

Your classmate must have had her HD loaded like shisma... you know.. any ways... erm... just stop worrying ok! :/

Ms Loala said...

I'm sure you treated yours carefully but it died :\

Sarah 7 said...

Wow.. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble.. Mine is working like tick tock el7imdillah..
Good Luck :D

The Criticizer said...

Who? Me?! Not really. In fact I've been treating it so bad it barely survives till now. It's like an experiment device rather than just a Mac.

Let's see...
- Two inches dent on the left side.
- Battery life is 23%
- Rust spots on the surface.
- Scratches on the bottom.

Anyways you get the point. And it didn't die. Not yet. ;P

Don't envy it. :P

Perfecty said...

i got a question.. 9ij you can play windows ib mac? 3adee? w what about the viruses.. will you still get them?

The Criticizer said...

Yes you can run a fully-functional Windows version on an intel-based Mac (recent ones), but it has to be XP Service Pack 2.

Some people were able to run Vista but it's not stable as the XP SP2.

And about the viruses... it will still catch viruses through Window because viruses are programs that affect Windows as a software.

Sorry for being the nerd I am but that's as easy as I can explain it. Hope you understand. ;)